Visual studio Visual Studio 2008 Add-In Check if Hierarchy Item is solution folder

I've got a visual studio addin written by developer who is no longer at the company and have no idea how to debug it. But I want to add a feature so it can recurse into solution folders. Sounds simple but I'm not sure the api allows testing for this? Well there's got to be a way because AnkhSVN and VisualSVN work fine with Solution Folders. StackOverflow I'm reaching out for some help on this issue. Thanks Notes -We are using solution folders to hide "Dependency Projects" which are basic

Visual studio Using Visual Studio macro names to launch external applications doesn't work?

Using Visual Studio / C#, I've been debugging some nunit tests recently, and am now trying to make sure that if we branch the code that the unit tests don't stop working in debug mode. I have this working by changing project properties to launch NUnit as an external program: C:\Program Files\NUnit 2.4.8\bin\nunit-console.exe ..and then set my .nunit config: D:\SomePath\branches\NewFeatureBranch\TestDSP.nunit So now I'd like to make that path generic. I thought something like this should w

Visual studio Regarind an Heap Size error

When I'm running a program which is used to read an video I'm getting an error referring to Heapsize which is shown below: EAP[videodemo34.exe]: Invalid address specified to RtlSizeHeap( 04EC0000, 00254CE8 ) Windows has triggered a breakpoint in videodemo34.exe. This may be due to a corruption of the heap, and indicates a bug in videodemo34.exe or any of the DLLs it has loaded. The output window may have more diagnostic information can anyone say about it?

Visual studio How do I set the category for a toolbox item?

I have a follow up question to this one. Now that I have only the control I want showing up in the Toolbox in Visual Studio, how do I set the Category? It currently shows up in a category titled with the assembly name. I would rather use our company name. I have read how I can create my own ToolboxItem derived class to do this, but that seems an odd requirement. Is there another attribute for the Category? I found teh Category attribute, but that is for properties.

Visual studio Visual Studio 2008 debug output in english?

I've got Visual Studio 2008 Professional german version. In the settings -> Environment -> international... is only German available. That's fine - there's just one thing that bothers me. All the debug output is in german too, which makes it much more difficult to search the web for solutions. Is there any way to change the language of the debug output to english without installing another version of Visual Studio? Thanks!

Visual studio How do I make WebDev clean up its tooltray "tracks"?

After I've shut down a VS 2008 web project, well, a lot of times, I see many instances of the WebDev icon in the "tooltray" / system notification area: These are no longer active instances; they were shut down by VS. When I mouse over any of these, Windows Vista "conveniently" collapses the tray for me. This makes life miserable if the app I want is in between any of them (e.g., Outlook in the image above), and even worse if I actually want to right click on the "activ

Visual studio Visual Studio 2008 Remote Debugger - Not Reaching Breakpoints

I have installed the VS 2008 SP1 Remote debugger on the machine running the program I want to debug. I am running the Remote Debugger with no auth / allow anyone to connect on said machine. I am running VS 2008 on my development machine with the project for that application open. I have copied a .dll that i have made changed to the source and rebuilt, locally, to the executing directory of the target program, remotely, including it's .pdb file. I have attached to the process of the remote applic

Visual studio Resharper 5 - enable/disable on the fly

I want to disable ReSharper 5 when debugging - it slows things down more than I'm willing to take. Is there an automatic way to do this? The next best thing would be a toolbar button to manually enable/disable it. On the Tools -> Options -> ReSharper page there's a comment that the VS command Resharper_ToggleSuspended would do just this. The problem is, I can't find the command when I right-click a toolbar -> Customize... -> 'Commands' tab -> Choose 'Resharper' category. alt text http

Visual studio "Suppress Warning" menuitem in Visual Studio 2010 is not available

I'm using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, and it seems that I cannot suppress warnings in the way I used in VS2008. My project is in C#, and when I right click a warning in the "Error List" window (e.g. for a missing XML-comment of a public type), I do not have the usual menu item to suppress this warning (neither in code nor in the global suppressions file). The project's properties for Code Analysis are Enable Code Analysis on Build (defines CODE_ANALYSIS constant) => not checked Suppress re

Visual studio Workflow for renaming a class when using Visual Studio with Perforce

(I am new to perforce and am trying to avoid getting myself into problems, I have hit problems doing this with other source code control systems) When I rename I class I need to Change the class name it’s self Get Visual Studio to Refactor all the code that uses the class Rename the file in the Visual Studio project Rename the file in Perforce Check the changes into perforce Then maybe merge the change from my working branch into the main branch What’s the best way to do the above with perf

Visual studio Closer zoom than 400% in Crystal Reports for Visual Studio?

I've managed to get Visual Studio to zoom in to 400% on the Crystal Reports designer, but it's not enough. I can't vertically align text within a box, and so I'm needing to use box objects for my borders. I can't use the auto-sizing and auto-alignment tools with box objects. Thus, I am forced to perform manual alignment on all of my border elements. Unfortunately, even though I can get to a respectable "400%" zoom, it's obviously not enough, as I'm getting 1- and 2-"printer pixel" misalignment

Visual studio Visual Studio 2005 - Debugger stopped working

More fun and pain with Visual Studio. Visual Studio 2005. About two months ago, I started an assignment. In my role, I cannot install or configure development software. Trust me this has given me plenty of heartburn. No IIS is involved here, just File Sharing. That being said, when I first started I had a problem with my debugger not working. The debugger just stopped. I was able to get it working. Now the problem has returned and I am pulling every last hair on my head. Almost no

Visual studio Open two different source versions simultaneously

In instance 1 of Visual Studio I want to open the latest version of my source. In instance 2 of VS I want to open a previous version. How can I do this? I tried opening two instances of VS and just pulling it, but since they both point to the same directory "C:\Source\ProjectName", I end up just overwriting one or the other.

Visual studio How to trim down Visual Studio to make it faster?

A recent exposure to an old IDE that was as almost as responsive as notepad, and the answers I got about it, got me thinking - Visual Studio must really have a lot more stuff that I never use than I thought. It can't all come for free. So I tried to make a list of things I never use in my Visual Studio: Built-in source control Team explorer, ServerExplorer, Architecture Explorer, UML model explorer Tasks List, Start Page Built-in web browser Publishing options, MSI maker Team Foundation Serve

Visual studio Excel won't open/launch VSTO AddIn when running in debug mode of Visual Studio 2010

I had previously installed the VS11 beta, and had some issues with my Visual Studio 2010 instance, which you can see here how they were resolved: Excel AddIn Click Once deployment issue. Now I have a code base which compiles/builds a vsto, which installs fine and runs fine in Excel 2010. However, when I remove the installed version from Excel, and try to run it directly through Visual Studio 2010, the AddIn does not get loaded into Excel when running in debug configuration mode, in release conf

Visual studio How do I get my solution in Visual Studio back online in TFS?

I had my solution in Visual Studio 2012 (which is under TFS source control) open and the TFS server (2010) was down. When I then made a change to one of the files and attempted to save it I got a prompt to ask whether I wanted to Overwrite the file saying the TFS server was down (can't remember the exact words) and the following message appeared in the Output window: This solution is offline. [Team Foundation Server: http://tfs1:8080/tfs/server] The solution was offline during its previous ses

Visual studio Install Visual Studio 2005 on Windows 8

I am currently working on a long-term project for which I need Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2012 (2010 not necessary). Right now I have Windows 7, but I would really like to upgrade. Is it possible to install all of those versions of Visual Studio on Windows 8? 2012 can obviously installed (and takes away the need for 2010). I already found reports that 2008 is also possible if the 3.5 framework is enabled through Windows Features, but I'm unsure about Visual Studio 2005. Is it possible and does

Visual studio VS 2012: How to set project dependencies without changin build order?

I have a Visual Studio solution and I want to setup project dependencies in following way: Project A needs project B during runtime. E.g. when someone Builds project A, project B should also be built (unless it is up-to-date). Project A does NOT depend on project B in compile-time (e.g. it doesn't statically link to project B etc.). Therefore they can be built in parallel. If I set in Project Dependencies dialog for Project A that it depends on Project B, Project A will be built only after p

Visual studio VS Shortcut For Replacing Existing Attribute Value Using Intellisense

Given the following XAML snippet, assume the caret is right before the G in Green. <Ellipse Fill="Green"/> Is there a Visual Studio command that deletes the existing attribute value and allows me to start typing with Intellisense support? Ctrl+Shift+W does the trick but is very awkward. I was hoping there was actually a command for this specific purpose that I could map to an efficient shortcut.

Visual studio System library not found

I have a very strange issue that seems to happen more often as time goes on. Basically, whenever I open a project (regardless of which project I open) it appears that VS can't find critical libraries that should always be present (such as System). An example of what I will see when opening a project: Mousing over System shows: "Cannot resolve symbol System". For clarity, I am also using Resharper as well as GhostDoc but those are the only two plugins I am using and neither of them seemed to

Visual studio Visual Studio: Is there a "move class to different namespace" refactoring?

I'm doing some architectural cleanup that involves moving a bunch of classes into different projects and/or namespaces. Currently I'm moving the files by hand, building, and then manually adding using Foo statements as needed to resolve compilation errors. Anyone know of a smarter way of doing this? (We're a CodeRush and Refactor! shop, but I'd be interested to hear if Resharper has support for this)

Visual studio 1001x error with biztalk in visual studio

My solution and projects were all running fine. I ran another build and ended up with 39 errors, all related to a particular orchestration in my biztalk. All the errors are cannot find symbol, illegal statements, and invalid identifiers. I'm tried cleaning and building, and rebuilding, but the error doesnt seem to go away. My first error is 212 unknown system exception, where in my error log is telling me 1001x error. edit: I also do not seeing any exclamation points on my actual orchestratio

Visual studio How to import Netbeans keyboard mapping into Visual Studio?

I am PHP and JS developer. My native dev environment is Netbeans + Webstorm. Now I have to code in .net web API, and I am not used to Visual Studio shortcuts. For me the standard is set by Netbeans, and I would like to have familiar shortcuts in VS2015. Could You please tell how to import Netbeans shortcuts into VS2015? I did googling visual studio import keyboard mapping but I can't find anything useful.

Visual studio Failed to deploy visual c++ universal windows app

This is a blank app created with just default settings (template). Can't find the framework because it has a " \ .\" in the path which should not be there. Also this is Visual Studio Community 2015. 1>------ Deploy started: Project: App1, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------ 1>Updating the layout... 1>Checking whether required frameworks are installed... 1>Framework: Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00.Debug/x86, app package version 14.0.23019.0 is not currently installed. 1>Installing missing

Visual studio How to complete C++ class etc. in Visual Studio

I just started converting a library project from Delphi to C++ in VS2005. How can I do simple things familiar from Delphi IDE like: complete the C++ class (in Delphi Ctrl+Shift+C) quick move from method declaration to its definition (in Delphi Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down) Note: I must use VS2005 for this project. Thank you

Visual studio Is there Visual Studio 2015 Debugging step skipping?

I installed the new version of Visual Studio Community 2015. Opened old Visual Studio 2010 projects. They compiled okay. Then when I needed to debug them I found out something strange. When I try to Step Over(F10) just skips lines of code like they weren't there. For example I start debugging in line 33, then F10 sends me right to line 43. How is that? And is it configurable.

Visual studio xunit configuration not working

I added an App.config file in my unit test project as suggested in this question <configuration> <appSettings> <add key="xunit.methodDisplay" value="method"/> </appSettings> </configuration> But in VisualStudio, the TestExplorer still displays the full name. I am running: Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Version 12.0.40629.00 Update 5 xUnit runner [ \[Runner: Visual Studio\] 2.1.0][2]

Visual studio How to check in some project from some account on some machine which is not available on TFS

One of my project let say my_project is checked out on a machine let say machine_A using account let say Account_mine. I installed new OS and all application programs on machine_A by removing all hierarchies, now I am unable to check out my_project on any other machine, how can I check in from my machine_A? As now I have no Account_mine on machine_A?

Visual studio curl was not found in the path Visual Studio Team Services

I'm using the Hosted Agent for release management in Visual Studio Team Services. I have a cURL Upload Files task on my release definition which was working last week and I've had several successful deployments over the past weeks. Today I created a new release from the same release definition and I am receiving the following error on the cURL Upload Files task. 2016-03-31T08:56:43.4253012Z ##[debug]curl=null 2016-03-31T08:56:43.4263027Z ##[error]curl was not found in the path. 2016-03-31T08:5

Visual studio Project Installer Not using App.config Transform from Project Output

I'm using the Visual Studio 2013 Project Installer extension. In my installer project, I am selecting to use the Primary Output from another project, called the Program Project. The PP is a console application that has an app.config with transform files using this config extension. Building the PP with various configurations is correctly picking up the transform values. But my installer project, won't pick up the correct transform values even though I have selected the correct config file to u

Visual studio visual studio web test error handling

I'm using Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 and have a load test that uses a web test with a number of request and web test plugins. In my PostRequest plugin, I'm checking the http status code of the response and am flagging an error in a WebTest.Context parameter, when a hhtp code of over 400 is returned. What I want to do is pick this up in the PostTransaction WebTest plugin and update a database table. The problem is, that the test aborts when the framework detects the error and the PostTransacti

Visual studio Visual C++ - Successful build but exe file is not created

I am using Visual Studio Community 2017 (C++) with default configuration on Windows 10 (64 bit). I have a single CPP file and I am trying to compile it. The problem is that the "build" works fine, it says success, but the expected exe file is just not created. I spent a few hours now trying all the available options - release/debug, 64bit/32bit, empty project/console app and many settings changes as was advised on various forums - no luck. Does anybody know what could be the problem? I just ca

Visual studio I can't make a C++ project, Visual Studio 2015

Earlier (even yesterday) I could make C++ projects, but now I have a strange problem. When I want to select empty project, the window with creating project settings disappears and shows again and I don't have any solution with any project. I have a blank area. The only thing I changed in this time is installing tools for Python and creating enviroment for interpreter. I can make Python or C# projects but can't make C++ projects. Maybe someone had the same problem?

Visual studio Viual studio installer not updating

So I want to update my installer. When I click the update button (as seen on the picture bellow). And then it makes me confirm that I understand the law stuff, takes me through green bar, says please wait for a few seconds, and then we 're back on the "please update visual studio installer" screen. I am using windows 10, I'm not sure if that'll help but here you have it.

Visual studio How can I enable a WinForms or WPF project in F#?

I have the very latest version of Visual Studio 2017 installed. I selected F# language support and F# desktop support. After restarting and going to File -> New Project I was expecting to see an option to start a new WPF or WinForms project for F# but I don't have any such options. Only console, library, ASP.NET core, and the tutorial. How can I enable or find the new project templates for F# desktop applications?

Visual studio Error installing Visual Studio Tools for Tizen

I'm attempting to follow the installation steps here to install Visual Studio Tools for Tizen. In step 4, I select a local folder e.g. C:\User\Username\AppData\Roaming\Samsung\tizen-studio However, I receive an error: Baseline SDK Installer is detected on C:\User\Username\AppData\Local\Temp\Baseline_Tizen_Studio_windows-64.exe, but it can be an incomplete file. Do you want to use an existing file anyway? If I select yes or no, I get the following error: Failed to install Tizen tools: The

Visual studio Xamarin iOS GUI

We've been developing a cross-platform app in Xamarin on Windows and now we are moving to make GUI for iOS counterpart. If I'm understanding correctly we need to switch to Visual Studio for MAC, on a MAC machine, and continue our GUI development there. Is it possible to develop everything on Windows and just publish an app on the MAC machine? How do we include the logic and everything from the android app?

Visual studio How can I compile a .dll file from 2005 with MSVC?

I need to compile an old version of the lame_enc.dll (MP3 encoder, version 3.97). Unidirectional Migration to Visual Studio 2019 reported that changed to the code might be needed to create the project properly. When trying to compile the DLL, there were several warnings and the following errors. C1189 #error: Macro definition of snprintf conflicts with Standard Library function declaration libmp3lame C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Include\10.0.18362.0\ucrt\stdio.h 1935 LNK1181

Visual studio Using minGW to create a static library for use with Intel Fortran

Let me start off by stating that I am not a programmer. I am a Mech Eng that has to use code from various other engineers and assemble them into an executable. The main code is fortran and is compiled using Intel Fortran via Visual Studio 2008 (yes, very old version). One of the supporting codes is c++. Normally, I compile the c++ code using the built in Visual c++ compiler into a static lib then link the static lib into the main fortran code. The latest update of the c++ code will not compile

Visual studio How to run T4 template in Blazor project on build

I have a Blazor project with a T4 template I wrote for scaffolding some code automatically. It works great from within Visual Studio, but I have to modify & save the template to get it to run again (as documented and expected). I also want to run the template when building the project, so instead of VS running the template, it has to be MSBuild. I went through a bunch of articles about the topic and it looks like I have to re-import the default targets, as explained here. I added the followi

Visual studio Visual Studio 2019 claims most SSAS projects within my solution are "incompatible"

We have developed several SSAS tabular models within Visual Studio over the years. I have installed Visual Studio 2019 on a "clean" machine. When I open a particular solution, I get "incompatible" on most models. Yet another developer in our team can open the solution in Visual Studio 2019 as well, without problem. He has Visual Studio 2012 and 2017 installed as well as 2019. The two models I can open have their compatibility levels "SQL Server 2016 RTM (1200)". But

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