Web applications Managing execution priorities and request expiry time in your web application

Some installations that run our applications can be under hefty stress on a busy day. Our clients ask us is there is a way to manage priorities in our application. For example, in a typical internet banking application, banks are interested in having the form “Transfer money” responsive, while the “Statement” page is a lot less critical. Not being able to transfer money is a direct loss for the bank, while not being able to produce a statement or something similar can be fixed with an apology. A

Web applications Looking for a online application with a lot of complex forms and grids

Do you know any online application with a lot complex forms and grids ? It doesn't matter what kind of appliaction it would be. I just need to show my boss some online examples because he is comming from desktop application development and he has no idea how to structure and manage presenting, saving and deleting of data. It's not about the graphics design. Some economic application would be nice but as I sad it doesn't matter. Do you know something ?

Web applications What are common technical problems when splitting one Java EE application into multiple war files?

I read a lot about problems when deploying one Java EE application as multiple WAR files. For instance, I know that each WAR has its own session context and therefore keeping state is a little bit tricky. And that there are organizational disadvantages when using exploded WARs. But to make a mature decision about splitting an application or not, knowledge of all technical disadventages would be helpful. Could you list them?

Web applications google oauth for mobile web application

Am using oauth in a mobile web application. When user clicks on sign in with google. It shows a google account login page which is not a mobile webpage. I checked in blackberry, nokia e63, samsung monte(I have no idea what OS it has), nokia 5233, iphone4.. Only iphone4 shows a mobile sign in page.. other's just show the desktop sign in page which takes some time to load.. also user need to scroll to right to see the username and password box and to type in their information.. Blackberry had s

Web applications How can I play instrument notes in a web browser?

I am creating a tool for a project where I take a data sequence and map characteristics from the data into musical notes and rests. I need to be able to play whatever notes I want with a few different instrument options. I've written a lot of web based applications, but never had the need for playing arbitrary notes at runtime. I know what I need, but have no clue what it's called or where to find it. I'm open to either java applet or unity3d libraries. Does anyone know of a library on either

Web applications Java web app - What determines my Servlet API version? Does it get specified in web.xml?

I'm using Eclipse EE Juno and my current web application is using Dynamic web modules 2.4. I'm trying to bump the version up to 3.0 but for some reason I'm unable to. when I try to change the version in project facets I get Cannot change version of project facet Dynamic Web Module to 3.0. Is it possible that there some bunk line in my web.xml file that determines this? How do I change the Dynamic web modules version if not from Eclipse project facet setting alone?

Web applications Cannot upload application to Tomcat7 on Ubuntu

I am trying to connect to a Ubuntu server I set up with FileZilla. My test server has the aptitude version of Tomcat7 as I have been advised to stick with Ubuntu packages for security. Tomcat is locked for user and owner tomcat7:tomcat7 with prevention on writing to the webapp directory. Will adding myself to the tomcat7 group remedy this? as I can't upload webapps to this directory when I log in over Filezilla with my admin account. What is the correct methodology for doing this? I can't add my

Web applications unique users registration

i have a web site, where we periodically launching some photo contests. also we have a group of users, who have registered lots of fake accounts for voting. this is a big problem which discredit our contests. so the question is - how to detect which user is real and which one is fake. here some cases we've tried: 1) email verification - doesn't helps, because service like 10minutemail allows getting verification email 2) ip verification - we have a lot of ISP, which uses 1-2 IP's for all users,

Web applications How to inject data into objects using Razor in WebMatrix?

I've been working with WebMatrix lately and I've been wondering if I can inject data into objects. I used to work with Struts2 and when if you're familiar with it, if you had an input like <s:textfield name="model.property" .../> the value inserted into that textfield would be injected into the model object or the value in the model object would be injected into the textfield when the page is loaded (and that depends on the logic handled into the web page). So far in WebMatrix, I've seen

Web applications Web Page Design - Horizontal scrolling or not?

I'm developing my first web based (browser based) application and it has a number of data entry forms and display forms. Many of these forms display a somewhat large amount of data. I initially created most of my forms to contain multiple columns of data to avoid vertical scrolling, and I try to avoid horizontal scrolling as much as possible. However, I really haven't cared for the look and feel of the forms I created. As I've looked at many web based applications, I've notice that most are des

Web applications Are there cases where using Web-based interface (in an organization) is inappropriate and why

For example, in the assembly line I have a feeling that it is inappropriate to use web application to log production status, though I don't have any reason to back it up. In groceries stores or airport check-in counters for example, I notice that the software used to make purchases at the counter are mostly like a DOS-style interface (or can someone correct me on this). Why is this? Is it because of the cost of switching or something else? Also, what makes web application a less attractive cho

Web applications WildFly 10 do deploy bug

I am using the latest version of WildFly, which is WildFly 10.0.0 final, and I am encountring a problem in deployment a folder which I am not facing when using WildFly 8. My problem is that I have a web application folder and when I try to deploy it I get this error message: Deployment of '***.war' requested, but the deployment is not present. I am sure that I am following the right instructions to deploy my application as it was deployed using WildFly 8 but not WildFly 9 and 10. The

Web applications GitHub API limit exceeded: how to increase the rate limit in front-end apps

After some HTTP requests to the GitHub API, it starts refusing the calls saying: API rate limit exceeded for xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. (But here's the good news: Authenticated requests get a higher rate limit. Check out the documentation for more details.) Now, there is a way to increase the unauthenticated rate limit for OAuth applications which involves using the client secret. Of course we don't want to put or client secret on the public source code of a front-end app, as also the documenta

Web applications A script to get files from the net

I own a website and I wonder if there is a script that get files for me from other links on the net a load it to my server. Suppose I found a file with a size of 400 mb, I want to host it on my server. The normal way I used is to download the file to my pc then upload it to my server but is there a script or a way to transfer and host the file directly without downloading it.

Web applications Project architecture/organization on Java EE application with EJB 3.0, JPA, Dynamic web projects on JBoss

I have a webapp with different Dynamic Web Projects, each of them generally containing an EJB Project. We want to keep them interacting, as in using beans and classes from each other's EJBs through JNDI, sharing the same database or using their own. But we also want to be able to keep different projects on different servers. What would be the right focus for this kind of project in terms of architecture and organization? How should we use EARs? One EAR to rule them all and in the darkness bind

Web applications debate: Is adding third party libraries to a war a good idea?

We have a debate going on . a. The "standard" way of assembling a web app. Create a WAR with all our app artifacts and all other components like hibernate and memcached etc are deployed in the tomcat/shared/lib area. b. Create a humongous war with everything included and nothing in tomcat/shared/lib. Pros for a - It keeps things modular and the war is small. Cons for a - dependency on shared/lib has to be managed especially by the deployment process. Pros for b - All dependencies ar

Web applications How to post form to my server and then to API, instead of posting directly(for security reasons)?

There is an integration with an API for conducting live online classes. The API wanted us to post a form to their site along with a parameter called customer_token as an input field. It is used for authentication by the API and every customer site is assigned one token. The customer token is actually some hashed value of the domain name or IP or something. Now, after the integration, they want me to hide the customer_token input field somehow from being accessible through mozilla's firebug and

Web applications Technologies allowing to store user data on server as well as on user's PC?

Let me first better explain the context. The application should have the following characteristics: Read-only shared data is found on a database server on Internet. (Quite big amount of shared data.) The application should be distributed in a Java-Web-Start-like manner, or be a web application. (The goal is to simplify distribution of main package and updates. Solutions lowering server load and giving better responsiveness to end user are preferred.) It must be possible to store user specific

Web applications Web Application writes events to event log only from localhost

We have an ASP.net MVC Application deployed to Win Server 2008 R2 and IIS 7.5. The problem is that application stopped writing events to event log when we changed App Pool framework to 4. But application still writes warnings and errors to event log from localhost. Probably this section of our web.config has to be changed. <customErrors defaultRedirect="~/" mode="RemoteOnly" /> <compilation debug="false"> Also our App pool settings:

Web applications LiveFyre subscription to posts

I've successfully installed livefyre to a website which lets users post content. I've been searching around if it is possible to subscribe the member to comments which are related to their post ie send an email. Has anyone done that? Is it possible? How would you go about it? Thanks

Web applications How can a web page read from the user's serial port - in the year 2017?

I have to re-implement an existing system from scratch. At one point, when the user navigates to a certain web page the server must read data from the user's serial port. Currently, the web page has an ActiveX control; when the page is loaded the ActiveX control calls into a COM DLL on the user's PC which reads data from the serial port. The system is 10 years old. Is there any "better" way that I could implement this? For instance, technology has move on in the last ten years. And this sol

Web applications Pub/Sub How to notify users logged in a subscriber application?

I know the pattern pub/sub in theory and now I would like to implement it in practice. I have a web application (subscriber) that contains a service that is listening for a channel called "news". This channel is populated by a list of other applications (publishers). So, I would like to know, how to notify the logged user about the news received in real-time. (something like twitter "new twitts" does). What I think: in my consumer service I can store the news received in a List, something li

Web applications Web Application with static reports

I have a web application with login/password authentication and my clients need some reports to make decisions. Ive been always asked about some reports that my application dont have and I have to manually programming these ones. The perfect solution to me is to delivery a BI tool to my client (with basics reports developed for me) and, eventually, offer some trainings to handle with this tool. My question is: How, you developers, handle with this problem? Share your knowledge. Tks

Web applications Chrome developer timeline tool graph

I am using the Chrome developer Timeline tool to monitor the performance of my web application. I also want to present the results in a table or graph but I can't see any way of doing this?? Is there an option to export the data into a graph or table somehow?

Web applications Separate a class-Diagram into two parts - UML

I'm developing a mobile application which contains a web part for the administration, i'm still preparing the class-diagram, i'm not pretty sure if i have to separate the class-diagram into two parts(a part for the mobile app and a part for the web app) or no. And if i have to separate them what should i do with the relations between the classes in the first part and in the second part.

Web applications How do you deploy a web app to the desktop?

I generally build web based applications. But, there is sometimes a need to distribute these applications to various platforms and have them act more like regular applications than web apps. A quick solution might be to create an icon that opens the browser with no menu, url bar, or icons. It looks like IE might have some options for this. My searches for Firefox haven't turned up much. I'd like my solution to work in Windows, Linux, and on the Mac. And I don't mind building different solu

Web applications MVP - Should the Presenter use Session?

I am using the Model-View-Presenter pattern for a web page. Should the presenter be aware of Session or should only the view be aware of it? I guess what I am getting at is that concepts like Session are very related to the architecture of the view so should they be limited to use by the view? Otherwise what would happen if I wanted to reuse the presenter on a similar page on a different architecture (or do I not need to worry about that unless I have plans to do so)?

Web applications Voice Command over the Web

I'm just interested in this scenario. Suppose you are building a web application, and would like to receive speech commands and execute actions based on the speech-to-text result. Any major roadblock that may otherwise make this a killer application?

Web applications Eclipse: convert "dynamic web module" to "web fragment module"

I decided to split a dynamic web application into two dynamic web applications, a core part and project specific part. If I run maven I get a JAR-file for the core-project due to its pom.xml. However, with WTP I don't seem to be able to convince Eclipse to deploy the core project as a JAR-file. If I edit the target filename in the project's "Deployment Assembly" from blah.war to blah.jar, close and reopen the project properties it's a WAR-file again. So I decided to try to make the core projec

Web applications razor syntax question - where is the missing } in this? (I am using knockoutjs but I think that's unrelated, ignore that part)

It's my first time using the razor viewengine, could some one assist me? I get the following error: Parser Error Description: An error occurred during the parsing of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific parse error details and modify your source file appropriately. Parser Error Message: The foreach block is missing a closing "}" character. Make sure you have a matching "}" character for all the "{" characters within this block, and that none of t

Web applications SmartGWT into gradle

I am developing java web-app and I'm using GWT. But I need SmartGWT wrapper over GWT, and I'm using gradle dependency managment. Here is my build.gradle file : apply plugin: 'war' apply plugin: 'eclipse-wtp' configurations { gwtCompile } dependencies { // your own dependencies // the gwt servlet dependency for the war file compile 'com.google.gwt:gwt-servlet:2.4.0' compile 'org.springframework:spring-jdbc:3.1.1.RELEASE' // dependenci

Web applications jQueryMobile Not applying high resolution icons on retina display

I'm building a web app using jQueryMobile (primarily) - exclusively for the iPhone 4s, and I'm having the following issue: The icons that are included with jQueryMobile are not displaying properly (not displaying in High Resolution) on an iPhone 4s with retina display. All the custom icons I've used do display properly in high resolution format, but the default icons are not loading in high-res. I've verified that this is not just my imagination, as I can see that the file that is getting loa

Web applications mod-pagespeed on JVM without Apache?

I recently discovered Google's mod-pagespeed for Apache, and its collapse_whitespace capability. I'm currently working on a project where a Tomcat instance serves a Grails application. Is there any way to recreate the effect's of mod-pagespeed's collapse_whitespace feature, without needing to go through setting up an Apache server? Or am I barking up the wrong tree, and this kind of capability is only found in web servers? There's a discussion at Strip whitespace from jsp output about the tr

Web applications Virtual Machine in Windows 7 Server

Can anyone tell me how to set the virual machine(VM) in Windows server 7 and how to deploy the dot net web application in the VM and set up the DNS for the web application. Will all the admin user of the Windows Server 7 will have access to the Virtual machine that is installed on the server. How can I limit the access to the Virtual machine? I would really appreciate if anyone provide the thoughts or links to guide this set up. More Details: We are having commercial website with more than 10

Web applications Eclipse web application tutorial

where can I find good eclipse web application tutorial using java..I want to build a web application using eclipse Kepler,tomcat. I can't find any tutorial that explains everything from the scratch..there are nuggets of tutorials on concepts available online..but none of em explain how to go about developing a web app from the start to finish...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..thanks

Web applications How to turn local ip address into domain

I've build a webapp with bottle.py and python paste server. The webapp only works in the local network and this is fine, but I don't want to remember the ip adress of the webserver who is serving all the time. How can i change the domain i have to type in the browser, for example from '' to 'mywebapp'. The server isn't connected to the internet, all just local.

Web applications Communicating between different application servers in a multi tiered application

I am writing a node application which has two major tasks. Lets say task A (which reads from a caching layer and responds to requests) and B (which is the manipulation server responding to requests not being handled by task A). In the future I know that task A would be the more commonly used task while task B would be limited to new requests (almost 10% of the total load). Given this situation (and also the different nature of task A (network intensive) and B(CPU intensive)), I thought of deplo

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