Web services Mechanical Turk File Upload

I'm trying to test file uploads on Mechanical Turk. I'm calling the GetFileUploadURL service and my query string looks something like this: Operation=GetFileUploadURL&AssignmentId=XXX&Signature=XXX&Version=2008-08-02&AWSAccessKeyId=XXX&Timestamp=2009-07-11T18%3A33%3A03-04%3A00&QuestionIdentifier=smiley&HITId=XXX&Service=AWSMechanicalTurkRequester My HIT HTML looks like this <ul> <li>Draw me a smily face.</li> <li>Save it as a

Web services client-side synchronous service invocation

I am talking about synchronous on the client side. That means, the service requester is blocking after sending a message to the service. my question is: is it related to the -a -s parameter of wsdl2java tool, Since -a generate async style code and -s generate sync style code. Or the client side blocking or not is totally controlled by the client logic? Thanks

Web services how can I invoke a webservice from another webservice

I have two webservices A and B. A needs to invoke one of the webMethods in B. How can I achieve this? I am using maven's wsimport plugin to build A. This is to generate the necessary stubs for B and include them as part of the Webservice A. However, when I try to Invoke the webmethod o f B, I get an Exception. Can anyone please tell me what is going on? Below Is the code and the exception trace: Code: BBeanService bbs = new BBeanService(); BBean bb = bbs.getBBeanPort(); bb.invokeWe

Web services Post to Web Service from ASP, from Remote Server

I'm trying to Post Data to a Web Service, from ASP (VBScript), using the CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"). Trick is, I am able to post the Web Service if it resides on the same server. But the moment I post the web service from a remote server or different server, I assume its as if the post data never got sent. Below is an example of the function I use to post the webservice. Keep in mind it works on the local server, but not on any remote servers. Function HttpPostData2(sUrl, sRequest, D

Web services Dynamics CRM gives different available appointments via webservice and UI

We have a service that can be booked either via the Dynamics UI or via a webservice call. It is set for service appointments of 30 min duration starting every 30 mins, with the service start time set to 9:15. As you would expect, hitting the schedule button in the Dynamics UI offers appointments at 9:15, 9:45, etc. Sending a "searchrequest" to the webservice for the same service type gets back a list of appointments at 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, etc regardless of the start time set for the service.

Web services What Java library that would auto-generate all the boiler-plate code for calling Web Service?

There is wsimport command that generates all the types referenced in WSDL. But this does not do anything with all the remaining boilerplate of calling a web service method, parsing XML into Java objects etc. Suppose a web service as defined by the service provider WSDL called CustomerService provides an operation getCustomerAddress(String CustomerID) and returns object of type CustomerAddress. wsimport only generates types such as CustomerAddress. What I am looking for is auto-generated code li

Web services Icefaces push without using Ajax/Javascript

I'm a total newbie with the jsf and ICEfaces frameworks, and we started to playing around with them a couple of weeks ago. Now we are trying to perfom a push without using AJAX, in order to make this operation avaiable trough a WebService. I found this thread, which seems to be something like we want to do, but I'm still a bit lost. The guy claims to have succeded: I wired my Renderable class into my web service so it simply has to call the appropriate method to request the render.

Web services How to find the moderation status of each version of item of Document Library in SharePoint 2003

I have used SharePoint 2003 Web Service to access it contents. I am able to get the item and its properties using the web service. I have a document library in SharePoint 2003. Version and Content Approval of the document library are checked. I have some documents in the library and each documents has versions. Some of the version are pending and some are approved. I can get the moderation status of the main document using the list web service. I get the version info using version web service b

Web services Send images when app is tombstoned/closed?

The app I'm currently developing needs to send images and text to a webservice, and so far so good. The app works fine, but the next step is to make it keep sending when the user exits the app or changes to another app. How do I achieve this? I've looked at the background agent function, but that doesn't seem to be what I want. I do not want to wait every 30 minutes and then try to send for 25 sec with the periodic agent, and the users will almost never be in the very limiting state that the

Web services Security of SOAP based web service in Java, Netbeans, Tomcat

I have created an android application that calls (using kSOAP library) a SOAP based web service (developed in java, netbeans) over the intranet. Now i want to make the application live, so this will require my web service to be exposed on the internet. I have following questions... How do i make sure that no one knows about the web service link except my android application No one is able to call the web service except my android application The data transferred between android application a

Web services Axis2 with complexTypes in Groovy

So I'm having a couple of ANT scripts using Groovy to process complex calculations normal ANT can't do (at least afaik). I'm trying to access an Axis2 web service using a SOAP-envelope via Groovy. The request and response is pretty simple, except for two complexType attributes (one in the request, one in the response). The first thing I've stumbled across was Groovy Soap. It is quite easy to use, you simply instantiate a SoapClient and call the web service method. Unfortunately it cannot handle

Web services Discoverable grails web service for multiple platform apps

I have the following: - Grails Web Application - Domain classes bunded as a plugin that is included in web app. - Android and iphone apps that use the restful urls of the web app to make server calls (json requests/responses). Here is the problem: Both the mobile app have no way of knowing what calls they can make (What are valid attributes, etc). Developers simply have to look at the web apps code to figure out the url to hit and the domain models attributes to set in the request. I was wo

Web services Duplicate Soap Requests

We are upgrading from 10.0 to 10.3.6. Our web app is running in a DMZ and uses .jar files created with clientgen to invoke JAX-RPC web service operations deployed on our internal network by going through an XML firewall. My problem is that the XML firewall is behaving as though the HTTP request to invoke the web service operation was sent twice, when as near as I can tell it was only sent once. I set the following properties to view the soap traffic: -Dweblogic.wsee.verbose=* -Dweblogic.log.Red

Web services .htaccess RewriteCond

Can anyone halp me with this .htaccess file, i've been trying to make an exception so i can access my subdomain which is form.domain.com i tried with RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/form/?$ and several other commands but with no luck .htaccess : ####################### # N - T H I N G ! # ####################### # Apache options Options +FollowSymLinks -Indexes RewriteEngine on # Allow only GET and POST verbs RewriteCond %{REQUEST_METHOD} !^(GET|POST)$ [NC,OR] # Ban Typical Vulnerabil

Web services Web Service is not getting the xsd file in top down approach

I am trying to generate a web service from a wsdl file(Top down Approach) which requires a xsd file. I have successfully created the web service. When i test the webservice from eclipse's browser, it is working fine but when i test it from some other application(in my case i am testing the generated service in WSO2 ESB-Try it section), it doesn't gives me any output. The problem is that when invoking from outside of eclipse, the service is not getting the xsd file. So how could i solve this xsd

Web services Asynchronous web service

I'm trying to find a solution to the following problem: We currently have a synchronized web service working with jax-ws. What I need to do is to find some way so the client request will remains synchronize , i.e. send a request and the client is blocked until getting the response back , but the server side will be asyncronized. I also need a solution that will use as less resources as possible since the system will receive many requests and each request may take some time in the worst case(a

Architecture for web-application with web-services

I think about an web-application that will use web-services as a base. On the top-level will web-application as a presentation layer. On the middle-level will be business services as a business layer. On the bottom-level will be data management service as a data access layer. The main idea that we can add other services as needed with as less changes as possible. You can see application architecture on link http://postimg.org/image/430yj644h/. Questions: Which approach will be better: SO

Web services blank json array in symfony2

i am writing webservice in symfony2 but i facing some problem regarding the output ,as it is giving blank output. class DefaultController extends Controller { /** * * @Route("/webservices/activity/{id}", name="user_json_activity") * @Method("get") */ public function activityAction($id) { $em = $this->getDoctrine()->getEntityManager(); $list = $em->getRepository('FitugowebserviceBundle:activity')->findOneById($id); $r_array = $this->routes2Array($list); $r =

Web services SOAP response containing SERIALIZED DICTIONARY is not valid in SoapUI

My web service does not have any other attributes, beside dictionary, that I have serialized this way. public class DictionarySerializer : IXmlSerializable { private IDictionary dictionary; public DictionarySerializer() { this.dictionary = new Hashtable(); } public DictionarySerializer(IDictionary dictionary) { this.dictionary = dictionary; } public void addToDict(object key, object value) { this.dictionary.Add(key, value)

Web services XmlDocument returned by web service as XmlNode, then XPath doesn't work?

I'm trying to utilise a web service/method which accepts an XmlDocument and returns an XmlDocument. When I add a reference to this web service to my C# application, the proxy code is defined to use XmlNodes instead of XmlDocuments. This seems fairly well recognised behaviour (but confirmation and/or an explanation would be nice - see SO here). However, if I take the returned XmlNode object and try and do a simple XPath query to "SelectNodes(XPath)", I get no nodes found - but matching nodes do

Web services Automationg AdvancedRestClient Extension for chrome

Hi I am trying to automate AdvancedRestClient extension for Chrome to test webservice. I am able to start the Extension and send request. But I am not able to get any response. public class WebServices { public static void main(String[] args) { //Start the driver System.setProperty("webdriver.chrome.driver","$PATH_TO_DRIVER"); ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions(); options.addArguments("load-extension=C:/Users/$username/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User

Web services Where to create web service or wcf service for accessing SQL Server 2012 data

As I am new to web service and WCF too I don't know where to create web service (or WCF) for accessing SQL Server 2012 data. Is there any tool to create web service like Visual Studio 2010 (maybe but I don't know)? If yes then how to create it in Visual Studio suggest any solution. If there is any code of web service or WCF service to access SQL Server 2012 data then please post or link it or if possible send the zip of it

Web services Can I use HTTP basic authentication to authentic both the apps and users in web API?

I provide a set of public web APIs for third party apps (clients) to use. I want to track how these clients use my APIs, so I need to generate tokens for these clients. As the same time, I need to authenticate real users, and different users can see different representations of the same resources. I know OAuth2 can solve my problem, but it is complicated. I prefer using HTTPs + basic authentication for both the user and the application, so I will use different properties in the HTTP header for c

Web services Camel and CXF Producer Endpoint

I'm trying to send a SOAP message to an external SOAP service. What I need to do is wrap an xml string with the SOAP message and add some SOAP headers for authentication purposes. Right now I'm using: <cxf:cxfEndpoint id="someEndpoint" wsdl="someWSDL.wsdl" address="http://someAddress:9999/service.asmx"/> <camelContext> <route> <from uri="vm-someChannel"> <to uri="cxf:bean:someEndpoint?dataFormat=PAYLOAD"/> </route> &l

Web services maven wsimport throwing security exception with PKIX path building failed:

I have an ejb which is annotated with @Webserivce. Everything in glassfish4. The wsdl is generated correctly, soapUi can also send requests. But when I try to generate client artifacts using jax ws maven plugin which is configured as following. <plugin> <groupId>org.jvnet.jax-ws-commons</groupId> <artifactId>jaxws-maven-plugin</artifactId> <version>2.3</version> <executions> <execution>

Web services Play Framework Action.async WS within another function

I'm having a bit of a dilemma with incorporating a web service within an Action using Play 2.3. In this "ping" action I am first checking to see if the requester has a session token. If they do, the application returns the string "pong" to the browser. def ping = Action { request => request.session.get("token") match { case Some(token) => { Ok("pong") } case None => Unauthorized("error") } } Now, if I add a call to another web service in the acti

Web services Jdeveloper PL/SQL Web Service - Procedures with SYS_REFCURSOR parameter

I am trying to expose a PL/SQL Package as a SOAP Web Service. I am using "Publish as JAX-RPC Web Service option in Jdeveloper 11g. This brings up the web services wizard that lets you define your data source , SOAP binding , package units one wants to expose , type mappings , security policies and so on .... I am trying to include the following procedure in the web service. It takes in a SYS_REFCURSOR type as an input. PROCEDURE print_max_sal_all_dept(myCursor SYS_REFCURSOR) IS dept_id em

Web services Generated WebService Client using Apache Axis2 : Unexpected subelement "categoryType" because some Error happened due to Axis2 Client

I am using STS(Spring Tool Suite) IDE, Tomcat 7, Spring 4 with Rest (@RestController) , JDK 7 and using Maven project. I am calling Axis2 WebService and for that I have generated Axis2 Client using WSDL2Java tool by passing the WSDLLocation URL . Then one Stub(Client) class have been generated and I am trying to retrieve the "catgoryType" Element from the Axis2 Service but I am getting Error and here is the Exception Logs :- org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: org.apache.axis2.databinding.ADBException

Web services Which SSL certificate is best fit when you want to create slash commands with the help of Slack API?

I want to create and publish a Slack APP on their store. My Slack App will have the slash commands and Slack API needs the HTTPS url(webservice) to run the script on that slash command Hit. Currently, I am using windows Azure to host my webservice for the slash command and the URL for webservice is http which is acceptable by Slack API and it does not allows self signed certificates. so my questions are: 1] Which certificates I need to buy in order to convert my webservice from 'HTTP' to 'HTT

Web services How to debug a Spring Boot application in Spring Tool Suite

I'd like to debug a simple Spring Boot application in Spring Tool Suite. It is a simple restful web service. I wanted to debug the controller and service class with embedded tomcat server. Found this post how to debug Spring MVC application on Spring Source Tool Suite. I followed the steps: Select Window-->Show View--> Servers. Right Click on server in the Servers panel, select "Debug". Add breakpoints in your code Then right click on application, Select Debug As --> Debug on Server After

Web services How would I sensibly convert an Azure Cloud Service with long initialization into an Azure Service Fabric service?

Currently we run resource intensive processing as a Cloud Service with a web role. The service package only contains frequently changing .NET assemblies. There's also a dependency onto a C++ DCOM server which is about one gigabytes of code and data total. That DCOM server is packed into an archive and put into blob storage. When a role instance starts its OnStart() downloads the archive, unpacks it into local filesystem and registers the DCOM server, the .NET code then consumes the DCOM server.

Web services Render View Only After all Data has been fetched from Service?

I have a table Component where when the user Selects a particular row he is Redirected to a different route to a team component . I want to Load the View Of the New Route when all the data from the Service has been Fetched by the Component . How to Prevent the View From rendering till the Time the whole data has been fetched from Service in the New components OnInit Method. in angular 1 there was ngCloak how to do it in Angular 2 . I have used ngIf but for a split second till the data loads th

Web services Is there a way to implement Google Play in-app purchases on a website?

I am planning on connecting my app and my website and I was wondering if there was a way that users could make purchases using their google play accounts on my website? I have had a look at the API reference here, but I can only see references for retrieving purchase status and various forms of cancellation. Is there a way to allow users to make in-app purchases out of app?

Web services How to call web service or rest api from jaspersoft Studio Proffessional?

I want call web service or rest API from jaspersoft Studio Proffessional proffesional, I tired to create JSON file/XML file adapter and putted http://api.population.io:80/1.0/countries in File or url section but it's not working. Is there any other way to call web services or rest API from jasperstudio proffessional or I can add some web service adapter to jaspersoft studio proffesional? In my jasper studio there is not adapter which connect to web service or rest api and use them as data so

Web services Not able to redirect old API endpoint

I have an ubuntu server with a running NET CORE API service and Ngnix web server. Due to a new breaking change in my code I need to redirect only a specific call (HTTP GET; made by oldest client) to a new one that return the same result. Actually clients call https://api.mywebsite.cc/api/v3/customers?customerName=customerXY to receive single customer information, but in the updated API service this call does not exist anymore and I need to redirect it to https://api.mywebsite.cc/api/v3/customers

Web services postman: namespace on the "MasterDataReplReqMsg" element, is not a valid SOAP version

I am using postman to post a SOAP message to a target URL https://testacig.ariba.com/cxf/receiveERPMD. below is the payload <?xml version="1.0"?> <n0:MasterDataReplReqMsg xmlns:prx="urn:sap.com:proxy:DD2:/1SAI/TASD374B56E2305E7E70622:754" xmlns:soap-env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:n0="http://sap.com/xi/ARBCIG1"> <Header> <Parameters> <Parameter name="UUID">

Web services Authentication failure calling SharePoint Web Service (JAX-WS client)

I have to call SharePoint 2010 Lists service from a Java client. I used NetBeans to generate the JAX-WS classes from the WSDL. And extended java.net.Authenticator to manage the authentication to SharePoint : static final String user = "XXXXXXXX\\Administrateur"; // your account name static final String pass = "mypassw"; // your password for the account static class MyAuthenticator extends Authenticator { public PasswordAuthentication getPasswordAuthentication() { System.

Web services Slow and unstable internet connection - SOAP vs REST

I'm about to implement a web service in REST. I have a huge problem in the inter continental connection that sometimes goes slow and unstable with packet losses. I'm in control of both sides, client and server. The client that performs calls to the server many times per second. Sometimes it sends more data into only one connection to deal with this internet problem. I have read a lot about the differences of REST and SOAP and i know that SOAP envelope is bigger than REST data. My question i

Web services Split a build into multiple outputs while maintaining webservice folder structure

A little over a year ago I posted a question about splitting a build into multiple outputs and followed the recommended solution. Now I need to build on this a little. This solution contains three projects that produce deployable bits and then some other projects that contain code common to the deployable projects (business logic and data access type stuff). Of the three deployable projects, two of them are windows services and one is a wcf webservice. I can build all of these locally fine, but

Web services web service best practice - server timeout longer than http client timeout

I am trying to build a web service on top of hbase, so the code looks roughly like: @GET @Path("/blabla") @Override public List<String> getEvents($$$params$$$) { ...... //calling hbase query the events ...... } When Hbase service is down, the hbase Java API keeps retrying to connect to Hbase region server util eventually it times out and throws a RT Exception: NoServerForRegionException: Unable to find region for event,,99999999999999 after 10 tries. The logic has no prob

Web services No bean could be found in the registry for...of type

New to Camel, Maven, Spring... Trying to test the simplest of prototypes to invoke an external web service. Please let me know if this is too basic a question for this forum and there is a more appropriate one. Exception and code below: Exception: Caused by: org.apache.camel.NoSuchBeanException: No bean could be found in the registry for: cc of type: org.apache.camel.component.cxf.CxfEndpoint <cxf:cxfEndpoint id="cc" address="http://www.webservicex.net/CurrencyCon

Web services How to achieve multi-tier versioning avoidance?

First of all, sorry for the vague or maybe even confusing title. If I knew how to brief my question more precisely, probably I've already found the answer. :-( Here is my problem, we provide our software capabilities via web/micro services and the customers develop their own client apps to consume our services. When we make a breaking change to a service, ideally we would like to provide another version of the service and leave the old version as is so that a customer won't be forced to upgrade

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