Web page curl effect

currently i am working on a website and the client requires page curl effect in the top right corner of the page.What will be the best resource for this effect?

Web How to integrate a custom landing page on wordpress?

I basically created a wordpress site also i created a landing page that looks nothing like the wordpress site its already fully codeded in html/css now i was wondering how i would make it the wordpress home page Thanks

LinkedIn login for Web Pages

I'm looking to develop a web page for myself, basically listing my resume, past work, and posting up projects i've worked on and such. Is there a way to use a LinkedIn login process for my site, where the user must have a linkedin account?

Web Should individual products of a company have separate domains?

Let me explain the question with an example. I have a company "abc" with url www.abc.com Now,the company has products: prod1, prod2 and prod3. Currently, I have maintained the websites for these products as: www.abc.com/prod1/index.html, www.abc.com/prod2/index.html and www.abc.com/prod3/index.html respectively. I have also purchased prod1.com, prod2.com and prod3.com which redirect to the urls mentioned above. Should I maintain the websites of the products as www.prod1.com/index.html for

How a web site recognize the web browser?

Some sites are arrange the layout by itself when accessed through a smartphone or a pc. I wonder how is it done (Javascript? getting the browser data?). I would really appreciate some help, I am learning JAVA, thanks.

Web Blocking Google (and other search engines) from crawling domain

We want to open a new domain for certain purposes (call them PR). The thing is we want the domain to point to the same website we currently have. We do not want this new domain to appear on search engines (specifically Google) at all. Options we've ruled out: Robots.txt can't be used - it will work the same on both domains, which isn't what we want. The rel=canonical doesn't block - only suggests to index a similar page instead. The original page might end up being indexed. Is there a way

Web Which database EAN sandbox uses in testing environment?

I want to ask that, when we use EAN (Expedia Affiliated Network) Sandbox for testing environment, which Database is used by Sandbox? I mean is it Localhost database or there is some mirror database of Live Server Database hosted by EAN that serves the requests of Sandbox? Or if it is like we can use any of these two databases (Considering that there exists Mirror Database) as per configuration given to sandbox, then how to do that configuration? I know that there is CID to be given as 55505 fo

Web www.mydomainname.com/support - to - support.mydomainname.com

I am just wondering how can I do this with my domain. I have a support page on my website and access it like: www.mydomainname.com/support but I want to do it like support.mydomainname.com It might be a simple question with a very simple answer but I am having trouble and confusion regarding this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Recognizing AngularJS syntax in WebMatrix 3

I've been using WebMatrix because of nodejs and backbonejs. I've recently started to learn angular and I want webmatrix to recognize angular's syntax and stop telling me my ng's are unknown. My code works fine but its just annoying. Any solutions?

Web Nginx set ssl for URLs

Good day. I got nginx server and it runs https connections. For now all URLs run with https. All i need is - to exclude some URLs from https, so they could be accessed with simple http. Here is my NGINX config file: server { listen 80; server_name my-fin.ru www.my-fin.ru; root /usr/server/finance/abacus/webapp; location ~ ^/.+\.(eot|ttf|woff)$ { expires max; add_header Cache-Control public; add_h

FB Groups And Website Integration

I want to integrate a website with a Facebook Group. What is the best approach to adding a link in the group to access the website? Can Tabs be added to FB Groups? Where can I find additional information on this specific topic?

Web How to mine information from a game with no API

I want to gather information from a game called Tera. It's an MMO and I'd like to gather prices on specific items in the broker on a daily basis. I'm wondering how people build programs that mine data from games that don't have an API. There are many websites that mine data from a game called League of Legends. These sites include: http://www.lolking.net http://www.lolnexus.com http://www.elophant.com And league of legends does not have an api in place. How do these websites accomplish this

Web uploading and processing file progress

I am working with Yii framework. My goal is to upload an xls file, parse it and load information into data base. The problem is that the file is too big and it is required to have a progress bar corresponding to the process. I am not a very experienced developer and the task is tricky. How can i accomplish that?

Making my wamp website public

Hello everyone I downloaded wamp yesterday and i got a functional fusion CMS site my problem is i can´t make my website public i ve seen many guides and stuff and none of them actually works i ve seen that i have to edit something in apache config file and Allow /deny other ips the thing is i can´t even find that.... i m currently using 2.4.9 apache i hope some one can help me with this i even tryed to find a config file online to download but i could not find any this is my last resource :/ ha

Web Two frontend and one backend in one app Yii Framework 2

I'm working with Yii Framework 2. How can I create an app with one backend and two front ends? For example: Backend for Admins and Moderators (url: admin.example.com) Frontend app for Publishers (url: publisher.example.com) Frontend app for Advertisers (url: advertiser.example.com) All apps should have a common db, models and 3 different layouts. I found a Yii2 advanced template where are only two: frontend and backend.

Web Can't install Gulp even after $sudo command

I've been trying to install gulp using sudo command on my mac but it doesn't seem to work out. I have successfully installed node before. I paste all the things happening on my screen below. After all these text. I typed gulp -v command in my terminal and gulp hasn't installed. >>> -bash: gulp: command not found What should I do? Thank you so much in advance!!! sudo npm install gulp -f Password: npm WARN using --force I sure hope you know what you are doing. npm WARN deprecated min

Web Hybrid App Development, Database-Driven Content

I've been doing a lot of research, and perhaps just need a few dots connected. I have an idea for a mobile app/website that contains lists of local eating/drinking establishments along with the deals/specials they offer each day. The idea is to create an app that people can refer to in order to save money on a night out. I'm familiar enough with HTML/CSS/JS to create a functioning website, but when it comes to backend I'm a little confused. Editing the markup in order to reflect changes (e.g.

Unable SSL/TLS on Odoo Website Builder

The only why to deploy my Odoo Website on my host, is by creating a Subdomain to get the CNAME over Odoo. Unfortunately, if i do that i can't use my free Top Level Domain from Strato. A Wildcard isn't possible as well. And because I use the Odoo Website, I can't access the .htacces file. Question: Does anyone see a way - how to protect my Website with an SSL certificate? can't see any Documentation from Odoo - only: https://www.odoo.com/documentation/user/10.0/es/website/publish/domain_name.htm

"Help to fix 'blur rendering' in flutter web"

My flutter web is blur at some resolution. Anyone know how to fix it? For more information, I'm running in debug mode, and when I zoom in or out the page the quality change, some zoom level blur, some not. enter image description here [√] Flutter (Channel stable, v1.7.8+hotfix.4, on Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17763.615], locale en-US) • Flutter version 1.7.8+hotfix.4 at D:\flutter • Framework revision 20e59316b8 (3 weeks ago), 2019-07-18 20:04:33 -0700 • Engine revision fee001c93f • Dart

Web How to use third party control in my Genexus project

I am developing a web application in the Genexus 16. In this I have to use a third party chart control(e.g goJs or syncfunsion). Please let me know how to integrate this control in my project. Thanks in advance. ~Santosh.

ERROR_SMO_NEEDED_FOR_SQL_PROVIDER when I'm trying to Web Deploy

When I try to publish project from Visual Studio 2019 to remote IIS server, I'm getting an error: "The SQL provider cannot run because of a missing dependency. Please make sure that Microsoft SQL Server Management Objects (Version 10 or higher) is installed. Learn more at: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=221672#ERROR_SMO_NEEDED_FOR_SQL_PROVIDER". This is the first time I installing software to server, so here is what I did, following instructions on the web: Added features: Wind

Web What purpose does a "?" serve in a URL if not for query parameters?

I have found some URL's in a website which contain a question mark in the path. These URL's do not contain any query parameters, so I'm wondering is this just a mistake by the developer, or are these question marks serving some purpose that I'm not aware of? The URL's work find in a browser (not so much in a scraper). https://www.dutyfree.co.il/בשמים-וקוסמטיקה/Skincare/yves-saint-laurent-top-secrets-cream-4?ml https://www.dutyfree.co.il/בשמים-וקוסמטיקה/Skincare/premier-dead-sea-luxury-foot-cream

What does actually mean by the term 'stock browser' in web development?

I'm a Web Developer by profession. Today I come across the new term 'stock browser' which I've never heard before in my 10 years of web development experience. The text around the term 'stock browser' is as below : A shim differs from a polyfill, which implements a new API that is not supported by the stock browser as shipped. From the above statement I didn't get at all the meaning and context of using the term 'stock browser'. Can someone experienced from Web Developer community explain the

How can I see how much bandwidth my website uses?

I'm looking for a Firefox addon which will track how much bandwidth a page is using. This could be a regular HTML page or GMail with the chat feature using Javascript. Is there anything that will help me optimize my page like this?

Web Cross-domain HTTPS resource access

I know that if you access an HTTP resource within an HTTPs page, most browsers will warn you. Are there any issues regarding loading a resource across HTTPS from foo.com when the page is served on bar.com? For example, assume the following page comes from https://www.bar.com/index.html: <html> <script src="https://somescript.foo.com/foo.js"></script> </html>

Web Hide products from others in Bugzilla

I want to hide some products from a group of users. I set up the groups and products in the editproducts.cgi configuration. In the groupcontrols I set the "to hide" products to NA/NA but that have no effect. In the search-dialog (the products-dropdown on query.cgi) there is still a list of all products. How can I hide these products (which the user is not member of) from the user? EDIT: I use Bugzilla 4.0.2

What's the difference between a web site and a web application?

I'm stumped trying to come up to a difference between a website and a web application for myself. As I see it, a web site points to a specific page and a web application is more of some sort of 'portal' to content and information. But where I'm stuck is that a web application is still viewed through a browser (is it not?) and a website can still view content dynamically, making the line between web site and application pretty gray. For instance, does a web site using ASP.NET or AJAX etc becom

Scripting language to interact with websites

I am trying to write a script to be able to automatically go to a website, fill in a form's fields, submit the form, login to my email and send and email. Basic web interactivity. What language would you suggest that I use and also, how should I get started with writing this script? (Do I need to install compilers, environments, etc.) I have looked at AutoIt, Javascript and VBScript but they don't quite seem to do everything to the extent that I want.

Web LIKES done by me on my own page don't show up anymore after making an app to post to my page's fanpage

I really hope someone can tell me more about what's going on, because I spent days searching the net and for the life of me can't say what is going on. Here's what happened. I have a website 4nieuws.nl . On every article's page I put a like button using the Javascript SDK. All worked well. On facebook I created a fanpage for the website, facebook.com/4nieuws and every now and again I would copy an interesting article there. The like button and Javascript SDK on 4nieuws.nl uses the APP Id from a

Is it possible to build a small user login website with wordpress?

I am planning to build a small website that lets users create an account and upload some stuff (a few photos). It is just a project and I was wondering whether it could be done using wordpress. Are wordpress and its plugins powerful enough? Or would you recommend another approach to build this kind of website? Thanks for your advice!

Move the css and javascript file to another website

if I have (website A) instead I put my CSS and java script file in the (website A) move it to (website B ) what is the effect of this process? does the existing web traffic on (website A) move to (website B ) ?

Web Generating pages that require complex calculations and data manipulation

What's the best approach for generating a page that is the results of complex calculation/data manipulation/api calls (e.g. 5 mins per page)? Obviously I can't do the calculation within my rails web request. A scheduled task can produce some data, but where should I store it? Should I store it in a postgres table? Should I store it in a document oriented database? Should I store it in memory? Should I generate an html? I have the feeling of being second-level ignorant about the subject. Is th

How do you create a sub-directory for a website?

I am likely just not searching this the right way, but I have no idea how to add a sub directory to a website, you know www.websitename/HOWDOIADDTHISPART I have my index.html set up but now I want to add pages and have made some with html but not sure how to link to them, my index.html works with www.websitename/index.html so i figured i could link the html name but it doesn't do anything. (i get 404 not found of course) as I said i have been looking, for over an hour, it seems like an easy e

Web Forum Content Management System exactly like stackoverflow.com

I wish to build a forum to facilitate the discussion in my research field. And I am looking for some easy way out, like forum content management system which allow users to post/answer questions, but most importantly, let users rate the posts and answers, so good answers will ranked up and knowledge can be easier to find in my research field. That is to say I wish to build a stackoverflow.com for my specif research field. Do you know how can I do that quickly without writing too many codes mysel

I can't see my web site with www

I uploaded a web site to my server. When I go to http://overflod.mx/, I can see the page: but when I visit http://www.overflod.mx/ (NOTE: "www" added), I can´t see it! Could somebody tell me what could I do to solve the problem? Do I need to redirect the web site or what?

Web Will Elasticsearch survive this much load or simply die?

We have Elasticsearch Server with 1 cluster 3 Nodes, we are expecting that queries fired per second will be 800-1000, so we want to know if we get load like 1000 queries per second then will the elasticsearch server respond with delays or it will simply stop working ? Queries are all query_string, fuzzy (prefix & wildcard queries are not used).

Web What's the substitute for ::shadow and /deep/?

The two shadow-piercing combinators have been deprecated as stated in https://www.chromestatus.com/features/6750456638341120Then what's the substitude for achieving the same thing, or this shadow-piercing feature has been completely abandoned?

Web How do DNS record work

I have registed a domain name with Dreamhost and have uploaded my website files onto my webspace. I have some questions regading DNS. Do my DNS records reside on the Dreamhost server? Are there any benefits to moving the DNS records to anpother location? When I visit my URL xxxxx.com, does the dns iterative query - hit the root servers. - followed by the TLD server. - followed by the server hosting my domain (dreamhost servers) Many thanks,

skype web sdk starter

I am trying to test Skype Web SDK at my local PC. What I did is created a html page, added SkypeBootstrap script reference to it like this: <script src="https://swx.cdn.skype.com/shared/v/1.2.15/SkypeBootstrap.min.js"></script> and trying to play with the API: Skype.initialize({ apiKey: 'a42fcebd-5b43-4b89-a065-74450fb91255' }, api => { var app = new api.application; app.signInManager.signIn({ username: 'my_skype_related@login.com',

How to start making a website and how along with databses?

How do i actually start making a website? Every time I think of making a website I stuck as from where should I start?Where to start writing a code?How to make it interactive? Hoping to get the answer that help me. I have tried in the past but I really want to make a website of my own as I am looking to start my online company.

Web Intellij IDEA Ultimate Java EE

I have a tiny problem. I downloaded IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate for Java Web. Next my step is download and install Server TomCat. In tutorials they go Run/Debug Configuration, press add and chose Server TomCat. So, my problem is the lack of Server TomCat in the list. I know the problem is so stupid, but I need help. I use IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2.4

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