Windows 8 Will metro style windows 8 apps support local database access?

I want to build a metro style win 8 app which needs to access a local database (installed on the users pc) of information such as sql express. The current beta builds of win 8 dont seem to support that. Has Microsoft released any info on whether this will be supported? Something like, entity framework, linq sql?

Windows 8 tcp stream as mediaelement source?

Is it possible to use a tcp h264 stream as a MediaElement source on Windows 8 ? Or do we need to write a custom MediaElement Source. The state goes from Opening to Closed as soon as we open the Uri:

Windows 8 Metro style app media capture exception

I'm writing my first metro-style app. Days ago I've written the code for taking photos based on this sample (here) and it works. With the release of Windows 8 release preview and visual studio 2012 release candidate, the same snippet doesn't work. It seems that there is a problem with the access to camera but in Package.appxmanifest I've checked the webcam capability. the xaml : <Canvas x:Name="previewCanvas1" Width="320" Height="240" Background='Gray'> <Image x:Name="imageElement1"

Windows 8 Why would VisualTreeHelper.FindElementsInHostCoordinates return no results?

Working on a Metro style app in C#. I have a custom control which inherits from Grid. MyGrid contains some other custom controls. I'm trying to do hit testing on those controls in the PointerReleased handler: void MyGrid_PointerReleased(object sender, PointerRoutedEventArgs e) { PointerPoint pt = e.GetCurrentPoint(this); var hits = VisualTreeHelper.FindElementsInHostCoordinates(pt.Position, this); int breakhere = hits.Count(); } After this code executes, hitCount is 0. If I mov

Windows 8 Win8: WriteableBitmap.Render support?

In Windows 8 App, I want to take a "screenshot" of a specific hierarchy of visual tree, it looks like WriteableBitmap.Render is not supported even in Windows 8 RTM. Are there any other ways to implement this?

Windows 8 Snap view not functioning properly?

I coded an app in windows 8 consumer preview and i was not aware of view box, so the app doesn't fit for particular resolutions then i used view box to make the app fit for all the available resolutions, after i ported the app to windows 8 release preview. After i used view box, snap view is not functioning properly. But i'm sure that snap was working fine before i used viewbox. i am unable to find the bug. xaml of the page: ` <Viewbox HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top" >

Windows 8 HtmlUtilities.ConvertToText really slow

I am doing simple app that gets some data from XML-RPC server and I noticed that HtmlUtilities.ConvertToText is really slow, here is the test that takes 900 ms on quad core machine : [TestMethod] public void TestHtmlToStringDogSlow() { string text = @"Zdjelice od dinje Tartar od morskih delicija Salata od ječma Sirni namaz s avokadom <p>Dosadili su vam uvijek isti namazi? Potpuno vas razumijemo i stoga nudimo namaz od avokada. Za one kojima treba više informacija, glavni

Windows 8 Hide virtual keyboard in windows 8 metro

Now i am working on Windows 8 Metro application. For that i have a popup window with textbox and OK button. I need to hide Virtual Keyboard when "Enter" is clicked on Virtual keyboard. If i click "OK" button on popup keyboard hides automatically. I got this Link as good reference (using HiddenField). Is there any way to done this work without using "HiddenField". Thanks in advance..

Windows 8 code for (-) button of windows8 start screen

on click @ the "-" symbol present over the highlighted part of the image present @ the screen changes to the image @ i want to use the same feature in my application. Can any one tell me how 2 use this feature. sry fr giving url to images,[due to less reputation i am unable to post images]

Windows 8 Detecting the platform of a Windows Store App

Is there a possibility to ask at runtime if a Windows Store app (compiled for ARM and x86/64) is executed currently on an ARM-device or more specific on a Microsoft Surface Tablet from within c# or is it necessary to compile two Versions of the same app to behave different on different plattforms?

Windows 8 Caliburn Micro and Dependency Properties binding not working

I'm creating a WinRt app that has user controls in it's pages, and I'm using MVVM with Caliburn Micro. In the user control I have a dependency property that I'm binding to a collection in my view model, but the binding doesn't work, at least not until I change the rezolution of the simulator. I went into debug mode, and the data context of the user control is null, but when I change the rezolution and hit a breakpoint in the "SizeChanged" event, I can see that my user control is binded properly.

Windows 8 VB user controls not resizing in windows 8

I'm updating a vb6 application to run in windows 8, and one of the issues is user control windows not resizing (via the window edge drag handles). It works fine under other OSes. The same issue plagues the main project window. The elements of the window are controlled in this function, but the window itself doesn't respond to resizing. Private Sub UserControl_Resize() If g_ShuttingDown Then Exit Sub ' Test for zero size If ScaleWidth = 0 Or ScaleHeight = 0 Then Exit Sub ' Min size 'If ScaleW

Windows 8 How to detect if Windows 8 device is on WiFi/LAN or 3G Internet connection?

Is there a way how to detect if current Windows 8 device is using Internet from WiFi/LAN or from 3G connection? We have to provide different image and video quality in our app based on the network speed. I've so far only checked the ConnectionCost and NetworkAdapter API, but I'm not sure, if this is what I want:

Windows 8 Override Windows 8 login

Is there a way to prgrammatically change/access/override the Windows 8 login feature? I have an idea for an alternative to a picture password I want to try and implement.

Windows 8 Is it possible to have two same Windows 8 apps installed side by side?

Is there a way how to install side by side the Store version of my app and the development version of my app from Visual Studio? I've already published several apps I want to publish an update. If I try it from VS2012, I got a message that app with that Id is already installed and I have to uninstall the Store app before deploying the new one from Visual Studio. Thanks.

Windows 8 Microsoft Sync Framework or alternative for Windows 8

I'm developing an application for Windows 8 (WinRT) which performing synchronization of two folders. While searching information on best ways to compare and synchronize all files (which can be a lot), I came across Microsoft Sync Framework and its File Synchronization Provider: I tried it in classic desktop way and found out that it's pretty useful framework, with lots of tasty options. But guess what - does not support WinRT applications. Well

Windows 8 How to Customize Windows Explorer Toolbar

I am trying to customize (add my own menus to the) Windows Explorer toolbar. From web I came to know that it is possible to that by editing the registry. So I changed the owner of [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FolderTypes\{5c4f28b5-f869-4e84-8e60-f11db97c5cc7}\TasksItemsSelected\] and set permissions as full control to me. Adding keys to the above registry didn’t work for me in windows 7 and 8 as well. I installed the tools “ CustomExplorerToolbar.

Windows 8 Remove the height limit of an app targeting Windows 8.1, but running on Windows 10?

My question sounds simple: is it possible to remove the height limit of an app, if it is targeting Windows 8.1, but is also distributed to Windows 10 devices? Or is it my only choice just to upgrade project to target Windows 10, and distribute a separate package for it? A related question: How to specify initial window size for Windows 8.1 app running on Windows 10 ..and an answer suggests "You could use reflection to call part of windows 10 sdk at runtime within your windows 8.1 app". Well, I

Windows 8 Is it possible to test touch gestures with a "non-touchable" laptop?

While developing Windows Store apps and WP8 apps, is it possible to test the "touch" gestures while using a laptop that doesn't support touch? Are there parallel mouse or keyboard actions/combinations that will do the same thing as a "pinch" or a "flick" gesture (to imitate semantic zoom and unzoom) for example?

Windows 8 C#/XAML Store App: accessing controls in FlipView.ItemTemplate

I've got a Flipview which has an ItemTemplate which contains a MediaElement and buttons for pause and play. I need to be able to access the MediaElement based on the Clicked event on the buttons. What is the best way to link my buttons to my MediaElement? Most of the code examples I find on the internet apply to WPF and not Store Apps. Ideally, I'd like to be able to use CommandParameters or some other type of XAML binding to pass the MediaElement control back to the event handler. Thanks

Windows 8 Using fabricJS library in Win8 app?

Has anyone successfully used FabricJS (or other similar libraries) in developing Windows 8 apps? I am trying, but keep getting fatal errors thrown at me (mainly, variables in the fabric file being undefined). I am trying to port a website I created using Fabric JS over, but I am wondering because the site does not work on IE.. so would it even work on Win8 native apps?

Windows 8 Remote Debug Win8 Surface App from VS2012

I'm trying to debug a Windows Store app from within VS2012 on a Microsoft Surface RT tablet. Both the desktop development system and the Surface tablet are on the same subnet (191.168.1.x). I've installed the Remote Debugging Tools for ARM on the tablet, and can fire up the Remote Debugging Monitor on it. When I try to Find the tablet from within the VS2012 project's Debug property page, nothing is found (i.e., the find process can't locate the tablet). From running ipconfig on the tablet I kno

Windows 8 Hyperlinks in Bing Maps infobox breaks Windows 8 App Navigation State

I have Bing Maps on a page in my WinJS Windows 8 Application. The Map has a few pins each with its own Infobox. When clicking on the pin it displays the infobox correctly with its content. The content contains a hyperlink that links to a different page in the Windows 8 Application. The app navigates to this page correctly, however the back button stops working and the App Bar can't be accessed either. (Navigating to the page normally works fine) I think something goes wrong with how the page n

Windows 8 Windows 8 JavaScript Sharing Charm - "This app can't share."

My Windows 8 app allows sharing on 1 page (the high scores page) which worked fine but since the sharing code was only on the high scores page the app said "This app can't share." when the user tried to share on a page other than the high scores page. It should say "There's nothing to share right now." To fix this I added sharing code to the home page, this fixed the issue but broke the sharing on the high scores page, I get this error "0x8000000e - JavaScript runtime error: A method was called

Windows 8 Bing Maps on Windows Store Apps (C#/XAML) display popup when pushpin tapped

I'm using Bing Maps in my Windows Store app, I display some pushpins with some locations on it. What I want to do is when the user taps on a pushpin, a popup appears with some info related to the location of that push pin. something similar to the popup when the user taps on my location in Microsoft maps application How can this be done ?

Windows 8 image mime type in winrt

I need to figure out what mime type is the image my program downloaded from the web. I actually cannot find any solution that will work in windows store app. thanks

Windows 8 Windows 8 Store App - Memory footprint too high

I am building a WinJS Windows 8 Store App, and im having problems with keeping the "Memory Footprint" low, as currently it fails the "Performance Analyzer for HTML5 Apps": Memory Footprint Apps run better when they use a small amount of memory. An app should have a memory footprint of less than 60MB. To reduce your app's memory footprint, avoid keeping references to objects, such as images or blobs, that are no longer needed. RESULT: app reference set is 112MB; working set is

Windows 8 Why is navigator.js separate from base.js

The code for the PageControlNavigator class is stored in navigator.js (which gets added automatically by the Navigation App template in VS), but the code for the PageControl class is stored in base.js. What's the reason for having a completely separate JS file just for the PageControlNavigator code?

Windows 8 Query Touch Capabilities for Winrt App

Possible Duplicate: Detect whether a Windows 8 Store App has a touch screen For WinRT apps, is there a way to query if the device running the App supports touch or not? I ask because I have on screen controls for a game that aren't needed if you don't have touch.

Windows 8 ToastNotification during Quiet Time

I have developed a desktop application which displays ToastNotifications while the user is in Metro Mode. When clicked it will bring the user back to the desktop mode where a standard desktop notification is presented. This all works fine except when Windows is in QUNS_QUIET_TIME. The desktop notifications do not get displayed as expected, but the ToastNotfications still get displayed. My client wishes for the ToastNotifications to not display during Quiet Time. The code calls SHQueryUserNotif

Windows 8 Restricting the windows 8 app to view in portrait mode(WinRT)

In my application, the landing view only support portrait view all the other views support both portrait and landscape views. So here my requirement is i need to restrict my landing page to display only in portrait view and all the other views support both. How i can achieve this in windows 8 / WinRT.

Windows 8 2D animation framework for windows store apps

I am trying to develop a user interface which involves creating train sets on the canvas. I am planning to create this as a windows store app. I have some experience in Silverlight and xaml. I am planning to make my app in C# and Xaml. I have done some research on the web and I could not find any decent framework which support following animations and UI activities: Drag and drop controls Snapping of controls Reordering snapped controls Drop-shadow effects for control I know how to di all

Windows 8 Windows 8, launch application on start up

Is there a way to launch a desktop application and skip the start screen at the same time when using Windows 8. I tried making a new Scheduled Task but that only started the application in the desktop, but it did not skip the Metro screen. I pinned the app on the Metro start screen. Is there a way to launch the tile? Thanks in advance.

Windows 8 Install an .appx file from a site

I want create a website for my app! I want if press install button (in my site) be installed .appx from "" How to install an .appx file from a site ? (not in WindowsStore)

Windows 8 Windows 8.1, WinJS SVG file and CSS background support?

Does Windows 8.1 WinJS support displaying an SVG as a CSS background or linking to an SVG file? I can get them to output by pasting the SVG code onto the page directly but this is a nightmare to maintain if its used multiple times? .svg { background: url(images/interface/icon_avatar.svg) no-repeat center center; } or <img src="images/interface/icon_avatar.svg" /> I've tried both of these methods without success. This however does work but as I said isn't great for obvious reason

Windows 8 Unable to evaluate expression in PCLStorage

I'm using PCLStorage in my Win8/Wp8 apps, but for simplicity I'll direct my question only for Win8. I've referenced the PCLStorage package in my Win8 project and also a PCL project. In my PCL project, I'm creating a document management class to handle the saving/retrieving of files. private IFileSystem LocalFileSystem { get; set; } protected IFolder RootFolder { get; set; } protected IFolder RoamingFolder { get; set; } public DocStorageManager() { LocalFileSystem

Windows 8 Can Xbox music deep links redirect to the windows 8 music player?

I'm specifically working with Xbox music deep and the windows 8 music player, but I think this a more general question of redirection from browser to app. I am building deep links to xbox music based on the instructions here: When I click on a link like this: I would expect that if I am on windows 8 and have the music app installed it would go their rather than in th

Windows 8 Handling Windows Store App exceptions from GetFileAsync

I have a problem with the following code example: Windows::Storage::StorageFolder^ location = Package::Current->InstalledLocation; try { task<StorageFile^> GetFileTask(location->GetFileAsync(sn)); GetFileTask.then([=](StorageFile^ file) { try { task<IBuffer^> ReadFileTask(FileIO::ReadBufferAsync(file)); ReadFileTask.then([=](IBuffer^ readBuffer) {

Windows 8 How to handle various view states in Windows 8.1 store app

I have windows 8.0 code and I had handled the UI for ViewStates like Portrait,Landscape, filled and Snapped. But with windows 8.1 a Viewer can move the app into any size. how do i handle the UI in this case. Currently i am doing it like this. private void QuestionPage_SizeChanged(object sender, SizeChangedEventArgs e) { ApplicationViewState currentState = Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationView.Value; if (currentState.Equals(ApplicationViewState.Snapped)) {

Windows 8 Autoit PixelGetColor not working

Hello there everyone, I have recently downloaded a bot for a game that I play, this bot uses Autoit to automate movements on screen, alongside Autoit I downloaded some scripts that allow me to automate in-game movements. I downloaded these scripts on my main pc and my laptop so I can run them on 2 accounts if need be. The download is exactly the same and although the bot works perfectly on my PC, it does something weird on my laptop: The cursor seems to be able to go to places I have specificl

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