Windows System Idle Processes interfering with performance measurement

I am doing some performance measurement of my code on a Windows box and I am finding that I am getting dramatically different results between measurements. A quick bit of ad hoc exploration during a slow one shows in the task manager System Idle Processes taking up almost 100% CPU. Does anyone know what System Idle Processes actually means and what Windows features it may be running? NB: I am not measuring performance using the task manager, I just used it to take a look at what else was ru

When to support Windows 64?

I'm currently providing 32 bit Windows music software. Some of my users are asking for 64-bit support. I plan to eventually, but porting is a big job, and I have plenty of other important feature requests too. I need to allocate my limited time wisely. How much market share do 64-bit operating systems hold?, and what's the trend.

How do I create then use long Windows paths from Perl?

I have part of a build process that creates a hideously long paths in Windows. It's not my fault. It's several directories deep, and none of the directory names are abnormally long; they're just long and numerous enough to make it over MAX_PATH (260 chars). I'm not using anything other than ASCII in these names. The big problem is that the blow-up happens deep in the guts of Module::Build during the dist target, although I figure the build system doesn't matter because they'd make the same dire

Windows Programmatically grabbing DLL manifest information with Python or other common scripting language / tool

I am having a problem like this one: Except that the app is our own (sorry, won't give you confidential details). Although, it is not our fault that SideBySide is so flawed. Anyhow, version X works and version Y bombs right at the start. I am facing the task of walking through a bunch of directories and up to 100 dll files to figure out what the difference may be. It looks like there is a conflict between two dll files which load two di

Include Word Application level Addin functionality to the right click menu of Windows on word documents

On a windows machine if you select any word document (.doc|.docx) and right click your mouse you get a menu with common commands such as Open, Edit, New, Print etc ... I have developed a Application level word 2007 AddIn which installs correctly on Windows machines. It has a ribbon with many functionality/commands such as A,B,C etc incorporated as buttons on the ribbon. Is there a way [VSTO/installer(msi)] to add a particular functionality/command of my word AddIn (for eg B) to the Windows ri

Windows CreateDC() fails with lasterror 2

I have implemented a class that gets local printers and, depending on the application option, uses one of the local printer available. Firstly, the class enumerates the printers (EnumPrinters - PRINTER_ENUM_LOCAL) and saves the corresponding PRINTER_INFO_2. Then, it gets printer capabilities (DeviceCapabilites) and DEVMODE. Each class instance will access one printer. When application selects the printing option, it selects which printer will be used and its corresponding instance of the clas

Windows Access to different versions of taskmgr.exe for analysis

I'm looking to get hold of different versions of taskmgr.exe from different versions of Windows, in order to test a Task Manager addon I'm building. I've managed to get some basic additional functionality into the Win7 version, but I need access to other copies so I can test on those too. I don't need a copy of the entire OS (otherwise I'd grab the compat VHDs from Microsoft), since my reverse engineering skills are good enough to write static patches without a debugger, so just the actual task

Windows Convert CFF fonts into OpenType fonts programmatically

Does anyone have any pointers where I can find extra information on how to create an opentype wrapper around a CFF font? Currently I have a parser for CFF files so I can get all sorts of information out of it (cmap, glyph names, widths, names etc etc). Given this information I am unable to create an Opentype (truetype format like) wrapper so I can use the font on Windows using GDI; GDI will not load the Opentype font and the only thing I know is that it fails to load the font. Does anyone kno

Windows .bat file for renaming multiple folders

I am trying to write a batch script to rename multiple folders. I would like to do something like below: Rename all folders under the "Workspace" folder by appending my name in the end of the folder names For example, rename: Workspace/RiskFolder Workspace/PNLFolder to: Workspace/RiskFolder_myname Workspace/PNLFolder_myname Is this possible?

Windows WCF Exception: ...this service require 'Anonymous' Authentication but it is not enabled for the IIS application that hosts this service

I've seen this asked here and everywhere lots of times but I can't get my head around it. Here's what I want to do. I need to host a WCF Service in IIS 6. I want user name / password security and I don't want these passed unencrypted so I'm using HTTPS. I have this working all locally on my IIS, but when I come to deploy it I get the anonymous access not enabled error. On my local IIS anonymous access is enabled, on the deployed server it isn't, and we don't want to enable it. Problem understoo

not finding jdk on my system windows 7?

I am using eclipse for android app development. I didn't get any error or anything while creating android applications or simple core java programs. I cannot find jdk on my system windows 7, only jre6 is there. I tried the below command but i didn't get any path : C:> for %i in (javac.exe) do @echo. %~$PATH:i I have searched for javac.exe in my c drive but didn't find. There are only two folder in C:\Program Files\Java: jre1.6.0_18 and jre6 How can I find the path of jdk on my system

Windows Is there an existing eventful COM (Component Object Model) binding for nodeJS

I have a client who interfaces the IRIS Exchequer accountancy suite via the Windows Component Object Model(COM). I'm re-writing their existing Exchequer integration layer and would like to replace this with a non-blocking RESTful service in Express. I've done an npm search and some googles, but cannot seem to find any bindings which will directly interface COM. Is there such a module out there and, if not, how would one set about implementing such a module?

Windows Explorer copying time benchmark

I'm trying to benchmark our company os, one of the steps is calculate how much time does it take to a user to copy something to somewhere with a mere ctrl-c/ctrl-v under explorer. So I'd like to know how to scriptize that action in a batch to be ran several times so I can get the time execution, specifically how to make the copying process popup appear. I think "rundll32 shell32.dll" is involved somehow but I don't know how. Thanks

Easy setup wizard for Ruby-on-Rails app + web server on windows

I'm developing a Ruby-on-Rails app which uses MS SQL Server db. I will need to automate the deployment to Windows servers because it will be distributed through different channels and the setup needs to be as automatic as possible. I have read that IIS is not a good solution so the setup process would need to install a web server (apache, Nginx or thin). I haven't used JRuby but I have heard it might make matters simpler on Windows. Is there any good resources, software packages or suggestion

To install Xcode in Windows XP

I would like to know if I can install Xcode with Windows XP.If possible please provide the document link also.Thank you very much for any help in advance...

Windows Moved a Classic ASP site to a new server, now "VBScript runtime error '800a01a8' Object required" returned on Conn.Execute

I have a classic ASP site connecting to an Access database. Recently it's been moved from AT&T web hosting to a dedicated Cloud Server running Windows Server 2012. When the site hit's a line of code to query the database it returns an error: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8' Object required /menu.asp, line 145 The connection is happening in a different file and looks like: <% Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("Adodb.Connection") Dim conStr Conn.Open = "Provider=Microsoft.

Windows How do I stop my batch file from printing the code it is running?

I have the following script: FOR %%i IN (1 2 3) DO ( IF %%i==1 ( ECHO %%i ) IF %%i==2 ( ECHO %%i ) IF %%i==3 ( ECHO %%i ) ) I just wanted to print 1 2 3 because I will be using the same logic again to write a more complete task ... I'm not a Windows guy, and I have no idea how to do it in batch. Instead I'm getting: c:\>FOR %i IN (1 2 3) DO ( IF %i == 1 (ECHO %i ) IF %i == 2 (ECHO %i ) IF %i == 3 (ECHO %i ) ) c:\>( IF 1 =

Windows How to create a batch file to write the folder name in a text file inside each folder

I have a few hundred folders that I will be renaming, but I want a way to know what the original folder was called. So I am trying to create a batch file that will look at the current folder name, then create a text file in that folder with the name "Original.txt" My attempts at using the command (cd > original.txt) work one-by-one, once I'm in each folder, but I'd rather do it one level higher and have it apply to all folders in the containing folder. As an example: Books\ Books\Book1\

Windows batch: how to assign variable with dynamic name?

see the code snippet below. I would like to assign a dynamic name to a new variable. I tried the following: @echo off setlocal enableDelayedExpansion set my_dir_1=C:\temp1 set my_dir_2=C:\temp2 for %%d in (1 2) do ( echo my_dir_%%d: !my_dir_%%d! set new_var=!my_dir_%%d! echo === %new_var% === ) endlocal The first "echo" will output what I want: my_dir_1: C:\temp1 === === my_dir_2: C:\temp2 === === But as you can see at the second "echo" my new variable "new_var" is empty. H

How to retrieve webpage using Windows command line?

I am trying to retrieve a webpage e.g. using command line and save to a file locally e.g. google.com_20-06-2014.txt but I need to: (1) Give custom headers (2) Be able to use HTTP proxy (3) Able to use both GET/POST I have tried using a windows-version of wget but I had trouble with setting and doesn't really seem like a good way. example: wget --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64)" --header="Accept-Encoding: gzip" -d Is there a

Windows: send Mouse/Keyboard event to background window?

My application is a fullscreen window which is rendering a designated other window (from dwm), for example Google Chrome. I would like to know if it's possible to send events (such as mouse keyboard events) to the specified window. Of course the designated window has to stay in background, and my current application on the foreground. My application is written in C++. I'm working on Windows 7/8.

Windows Copy all folders from a specific direcory into multiple subdirectories using for loop

Basically I want to copy everything under Test Test-> Folders 1,2,3,4,5 Into every subdirectory of the targeted folder Test2 -> Folder A, B, C Which will effectivly create the following Test2 -> A -> 1,2,3,4,5 Test2 -> B -> 1,2,3,4,5 Test2 -> C -> 1,2,3,4,5 This is the code i tried which obviously did not work :) For %%a in ("C:\Users\helix\Desktop\test") do (for %%b in ("C:\Users\helix\Desktop\test2") do xcopy /s /d /e "%%~a" "%%~b")

Delete open file in Windows (creating an anonymous file)?

Under Linux, my program would do something like this: Process 1 opens a file (e.g. by mapping it into memory). Let's call this file#1 Process 2 unlinks the file, and creates a new file with the same name. Let's call this file#2. Process 1 continues to work with file#1. When it is closed, it is deleted (since it has no links). Process 1 continues to work with the content in file#1, and does not see content from file#2. When both processes have exited, file#2 remains on disk. I want to achieve

Windows Puppet executes classes in the wrong order

The four modules mentioned below are what are there in my site.pp file. These four modules are written by me, they inturn use the Forge modules.For example, iis::install uses puppetlabs/windowsfeature module to install IIS and site::install uses puppetlabs/iis to create website and appPool that I require. The problem that I am encountering is - Puppet rightly starts execution with iis::install but it does not finish executing this class fully. It keeps it in the background and then starts execu

Windows Not able to bind to docker container port

I manage to have Windows Server 2016 and Windows Container installed in my VirtualBox for testing. I also follow the guide here to build an image with iis installed. However I'm not able to bind port 80 from container to any port in the host, here's how I run the container with port mapping and result of docker ps command: I also try -p switch without explicitly telling the port

Windows smart auto delete batch file

I am looking for a way to auto delete some backups from a program that are created every hour triggered by a total filesize of all of the backups exceeding 10-14gb keeping a few patterns as rules for example: the very first day daily the last day auto move oldest that is not the first week to a new directory when current rules exceed the max filesize I need ideas on how to add this to windows 7 preferably with a variable source and alternation directory and a fixed configuration file A con

Windows Commands not executing within .BAT if statement

I have a batch file which will check for the CPU architecture (32 or 64 bit), and perform commands accordingly. It will locate specific folders and execute certain .exe files. My problem is that if I have one statement inside the if statements, eg. 'echo Some text', it will show fine, meaning that the checks for architecture are fine. But as soon as I have multiple commands inside my If statement, the batch file exits immediately. My code so far: @echo off SET "ARCH=x64" IF NOT EXIST "%System

How to call SCons from a Windows Batch subroutine?

I am trying to write a .bat file that executes a few SCons commands, but I found that once the first executes, the bash closes without executing the others. So I made a sub-routine and use the CALL command: call :my_subroutine pause exit /b :my_subroutine scons platform=windows -c exit /b While this subroutine executes correctly with a echo "test" inside, as soon as I put the scons command, the console says it can't find the command file named my_subroutine... D:\...\godot>call

Windows executing .sh file - "./gradlew no such file or directory" and misc errors

I'm trying to run a .sh file on Windows. More exactly I'm trying to run the build scripts in the following GitHub repo: But I'm extremely novice when it comes to .sh files. And came as far as executing the file by writing the following in "Git Shell": sh ./ I'm unsure which errors is actually "errors", but I've bolded what I think is the important issue. It's also worth mentioning that I've downloaded Gradle 3.1 and added it to my pa

Windows Wbadmin backup failed due to a file system limitation

I'm trying to setup and learn the Wbadmin command line prompts for making my own backups. I'm created a test on Server 2008 R2 in VMWare, I've created a separate B: drive for backups. I'm trying to target specific files, and I've created 6 testFile# .txt files in the C drive under the !Test folder. The command that I've used is: wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:\\localhost\NetworkShare -include:C:\!Test\testFile* The process starts, but ends up crashing. Screenshot attached below. The lo

Windows Result to variable in a batch file

I turn in circles and after much research, I seek your expertise on this small case. I can send the result of a PS1 script to a text file, but not to a batch file variable. the script Param( [string]$Fic ) $EmplacementFichier = [string] $EmplacementFichier = "$Fic" $MonFichier = get-content -totalcount 1 $EmplacementFichier $Resultat = $MonFichier.SubString(92,12) $RnmFic = "EXANTE_$resultat.REPRESTI.txt" rename-item $EmplacementFichier -newname $RnmFic Write-Output $RnmFic Launched

Windows How can I set default transparency on CMD?

I'm on Windows 10, and every time I open a Command Line, I have to readjust the settings I've made, because the default settings don't allow me to change the transparency values. Apparently,I have to modify regedit files. I researched and I found the next HKEY config: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console] "WindowAlpha"=dword:000000c8 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console\%SystemRoot%_System32_WindowsPowerShell_v1.0_powershell.exe] "WindowAlpha"=dword:000000c8 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console\%SystemRoot%_SysWOW64_Wind

Is there a script to monitor new processes started on WIndows 10?

I have a command prompt open for a split second occasionally (once an hour maybe?) just enough to minimize my windows but not long enough for me to see what it said. Is there a powershell or command prompt script I can run that will continuously run until i close it that captures new processes that started? Or maybe commands that are run? There is nothing in event viewer, ran 50 anti-malware / AV solutions (it might be one of them getting updates?).

Windows X:bind throw NullReferenceException when using the ControlTemplate

When I'm writing my Button, which is inherited from the button, I set the ControlTemplate using an image, the source is x:bind to a string property in code-behind, like the screenshot below: <Grid x:Name="rectangle1"> <Image Source="{x:Bind aCheckImage}" //Error Here Stretch="UniformToFill" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center"> </Image> </Grid> Why it throws an error that is "Object reference not set to an

Windows 10: introduced router and can't see other computers in network

When I'm connected via cable to the building's network socket I can see all other computers in the network. Now I introduced a router and can only see computers in the router's sub-network. Is there something I can do to be able to see other computers in the network to which now router is directly connected? I disabled firewall on the router. Cheers

Windows how to pass arguments to a batch file

I have a batch file to unzip a file, the path of the zip file and destination folder is hardcoded. I want to unzip different zip files to different folders. I don't want to edit the code all the time, Please some one help on this. @echo off setlocal cd /d %~dp0 Call :UnZipFile "G:\tett\" "G:\test\" pause exit /b This is my batch file, here I am giving the paths of the source and destination. I want to pass the source and destination as arguments to run this batch. Thanks in Adva

Windows Authentication in other applications (like Google-chrome)

I have a question about windows authentication in other application like Google chrome. I know about LDAP and I think my question should be something else. Example: When I want to see my saved password in Google Chrome, it asked me my windows password. 1- How Google chrome is able to identify me? is it something available by windows, if yes that means I can use it even in any windows application. (Considering this link Microsoft API should get the password and verify it but how can we use th

Windows Why can't I put a DIB section on the clipboard?

I am trying to capture the screen contents, modify the bits of the grabbed image directly, and then put the result on the clipboard. (Actually, I'm not ultimately interested in the clipboard, but am using it as a testing step.) I started with the example from one of the answers to this question. However, it uses CreateCompatibleBitmap, and from what I understand, there is no way to directly access the bits of bitmaps created with that function, so I am trying to use CreateDIBSection instead.

Windows "RESULT_CODE_MISSING_DATA" at Chromium build launch at Win10

I built my own version of Chromium using official instruction with very slight changes in the code that do not touch the core things. When I try to launch it on Windows 10 (tried Home and LTSC), is shows "RESULT_CODE_MISSING_DATA" error on each page, including internal ones, like "settings". The build works on Windows 10 correctly if I launch it with "compatibility to Windows 8" option, but that's a bad option as it launches with additional borders, maybe it's because of Metro UI: enter imag

Windows Save a session in WinSCP through PowerShell

I want to save a session through PowerShell in WinSCP, but I am not able to save any session with below code. May be the PowerShell code is wrong for saving a session. I want to save the session and whenever I open WinSCP I can see that session and able to login to that. Below is the code snapshot: try { # Load the assembly and setup the session properties Add-Type -Path "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCPnet.dll" # Session setup options $sessionOptions = New-Object WinSCP.sessionOpt

How to see a repository folder's URL in the TortoiseSVN Windows shell integration / UI?

I can get the URL of a repo folder in Windows by right-clicking in/on the folder and selecting "TortoiseSVN | Copy URL to clipboard". Is there a way to just see it instead of copying it? I have to then open something and and paste it somewhere to see it, but I just want to see it right away, like in the UI somewhere. It's not in "Properties" or anywhere else I can find.

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