XML Based UIs

What is the best/recommended generate UIs based on XML parameters? Objective is: Adding new objects/parameters to UI should easy and fast without disturbing the other elements. The UI is currently built and rendered using JSP/Servlets.

Scala XML: create a node not using literals

How can I create a node in Scala without using literals? What I need is to set the node tag name in runtime, for example: var tag = "post" var content = "234" How can I get a node <post>234</post>?

Utility / library for tidying xml

What libraries / tools are available for tidying up xml? I've found the highly recommended HtmlTidy, however unfortunately it doesn't correctly handle my input xml files - I mean to submit a bug report, however in the meantime I need a xml tidying tool that works with my xml. Can anyone suggest any alternatives? Update: By "Tidy" I mean prettify the xml, so (for example): <xml><testing attribute="somevalue"><etc /></testing></xml> Becomes <xml> <t

Add child entry to a specific node in xml file in vbscipt

I have an xml file DataConfiguration.xml with this entry <DataSource> <localdata> <add context="Localization"> <parameter name="timeout" type="int" defaultvalue="60"/> <parameter name="address" type="string" defaultvalue="" /> <parameter name="port" type="int" defaultvalue="6789"/> </add> </localdata> </DataSource> I need to add another entry to "localdata" so it would be <DataSource>

Vb.Net - Bytes Written Exceed the Content-Length bytes in XML Post

Ugh, I keep getting a ProtocolViolationException "Bytes to be written to the stream exceed the Content-Length bytes size specified." on the following code. I've tried setting Content-Length numerous ways with no success. Dim url = "https://domain.com" Dim req As WebRequest = WebRequest.Create(url) req.Method = "POST" req.ContentType = "application/xml" Dim utf8 As New UTF8Encoding() req.ContentLength = utf8.GetByteCount(xml.OuterXml) xml.Save(req.GetRequestStream()) // throws the exception

Problem with loading data from the XML

I have XML file <contact> <title>Flex</title> <title>Flash</title> <title>Illustrator</title> <title>Photoshop</title> <title>Dreamweawer</title> <title>Flash player</title> in my application is tilelist which loads data from XML why I can not take the name of the selected item in the TextInput? <s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009" xmlns:s="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark"

Xml Docbook, turn off table numbering

As the title reflects I want to turn off the numbering of tables. The reason is that the tables already have custom numbering (nested in the xml code). Any suggestion is apperciated.

Xml Renaming first child elements only

I want to select and rename the first child element with an XSL. But it's not really the first child, it's more like the first node of the first child. The XML looks like this: <Root><Story> <CL> <BK> <name>...</name> <Address>...</Address> </BK> <BK> <name>...</name> <Address>...</Address> </BK> <BK> <name>...</name> <Address>...</Address> <

How I get all the children nodes from Xml data?

Possible Duplicate: how I get child node from each parent node seperately? I have Some XML data..I want to create certain component based on this XML.My XML data is given below <main> <TabNavigator x="27" y="11" width="455" height="376" id="gh" backgroundColor="#A4B6E9"> <NavigatorContent width="100%" height="100%" label="Client" id="clientTab"> <Label x="10" y="30" width="52" height="25" text="Name:"/

Merge 2 XML files and modifying the attribute values

I have two xml files. I want to merge them and make some arithmetic with a few attributes. Please provide some ideas. I am using a standard xslt http://informatik.hu-berlin.de/merge to merge the files. File 1: <coverage branch-rate="0.5125" branch-total="50" line-rate="0.00593031875463"> </coverage> File 2: <coverage branch-rate="0.5" branch-total="40" line-rate="1.0"> </coverage> Expected Result File <coverage branch-rate="(0.5125*50 + 05*40)/(50+40)" br

Xml Write a tr069 emulate client with perl?

I'm a new comer to soap and cwmp, and I want write a fake tr069 client to communicate with acs server(like openACS), I tried SOAP::Lite & XML::Compile::SOAP, but still can not format a right message body for communicating with acs, so any tips and tutorials? Many thanks! regards

Transform existing XML for Excel with XSLT

I need to change existing xml in order to make an excel table from it. My xml that needs to be changed: <rows> <row> <cell image="blank.gif">Row1</cell> <cell>1</cell> <cell>2</cell> <cell>3</cell> <cell>4</cell> <cell>5</cell> <cell>6</cell> <cell>7</cell> <row> <cell image="blank.gif">Row1_1</cell> <cell>8</ce

Xml XSD to define an element with attributes and required content

Ok, this has to be easy, but I can't find a decent explanation or example of how to do it... I want to specify that one of my XML elements can have some attributes, and that the element content must be non-blank text. For example, this is valid: <person age="30">Bob</person> but these constructs are invalid because the element text is missing: <person age="30"></person> <person age="30" /> FWIW, my existing schema (fragment), which does NOT enforce the "requ

Xml Forcing Empty CDATA Elements

I was questioned if i could transform an xml by using xsl (1.0) but with keeping the CDATA elements even if there is no content in it. As xsl beginner i am a little bit overwhelmed by that question... here is a simple sample. what i have <AMOUNT/> what i want <AMOUNT><![CDATA[]]></AMOUNT> is there a way to force empty cdata segments with no content? Is there a way to do it for all elements in the file? Is there a way to do it just for the ones in the cdata-sec

Cannot query using XPath when data element has attribute **xmlns="..."**

I have difficulty to query the value of a data element value, when attribute xmlns="..." in it and it's parents element. The following example is part of a SOAP response, and I want to get the value of first name and last name of it by using XPATH /PartyInq_v2Response/PartyInq_v2Rs_Type/*[local-name()="person"]/firstName' . But it return nothing. It can return value if I removed all xmlns="..." from the xml before query. Does anybody know how to query first name from the example directly? <

Update XML Attributes in a XSLT For-Loop

In my Souce XML i want to reassign all the Instance ID from numbers 1 to onwards (till there exixtance). I want to update Apple,Mango,Banana InstanceId's with above values under Profile element. Here i will ignore Profile InstanceID level occurance. As i am new to XSLT any points will be appreacible. In below example i have used the XSLT , but it replace all the occurance with 1. <Root> <Properties> <Props></Props> <Input> </Input&g

Parse XML with VBA

I'm trying to parse xml with VBA to obtain test results from an electrical test system. This is an example of what the system is giving me: <Reports> <Report Type='UUT' Title='UUT Report' Link='-1-2013-11-20-10-2-46-867' UUTResult='Failed' StepCount='132'> <Prop Name='UUT' Type='Obj' TypeName='UUT' Flags='0x0'> <Prop Name='SerialNumber' Type='String' Flags='0x0'> <Value>02</Value> </Prop> <Prop Name='PartNumber' Type='String' Fla

Xml split letter from number in a sorted list xslt 1.0

This is XML code you can see this items group sorted by letter and number: <LIGHT_RANGE_LIST> <RANGE>W19</RANGE> <RANGE>W17</RANGE> <RANGE>R15</RANGE> <RANGE>R13</RANGE> <RANGE>R11</RANGE> </LIGHT_RANGE_LIST> This is my XSLT code: <xsl:for-each select="RANGE"> <span style="text-align:center;font-family:Univers Condensed; font-size:9pt; "> <xsl:apply-templates/> </span> &l

specified schema XSD for XML nested nodes

I am trying to create a schema for an XML file but keep getting validation errors. I have had plenty of experience with XML, XSLT, and DTD but when I was asked to create a XSD file I thought I could tackle the task. I have been asked to create the schema with the following specifications: <payroll> <employee>+ <name> <first>: string of upper/lowercase letters, spaces, or hyphens (-). string must start with an uppercase lette

Xsl get full element tag from variable containing Xml document

I have 2 input xml files. 1) An Ant Buld File: <project name="project"> <target name="target1"/> <target name="target2"/> </project> 2) A Visual Paradigm Project: <Project Name="VpProj" attr1="attr" attr2="attr"> <Models> <Model Id="O60QwyKGAqACZC5_" Name="ILockXml"> <ModelChildren> <!-- THE FOLLOWING PACKAGE DOES NOT NEED TO BE INCLUDED IN OUTPUT, IS GIVEN AS EXAMPLE --> <Package Id="tYTQ

Xml How a value bind to another binded Node to get the TEXT which inside that Node

1I have a XML and XSLT files, I want the XSLT auto get the value from another node in same XML file . XSLT Line 68 i know should not put like this way, but i really no idea how to pass the value in to the key('Description2-by-id', Thanks XML Data <DATA> <CountryList> <CountryName code="AA" name="Antarctica" IsT="True"/> <CountryName code="AB" name="Abkhazia" IsT="False"/> </CountryList> <Description1List> <Description

Xml Error when trying to connect oracle database with jasypt encrypted values

I am trying to connect with oracle database by using camel-jasypt generated encrypted password and username by keeping the generated values in .properties file.But, unfortunately i facing errors like username and password are incorrect. I am providing the camel context of my program. <bean id="properties" class="org.apache.camel.component.properties.PropertiesComponent"/> <property name="location" value="classpath:DB.properties"/> <proper

Xml Manipulate the values returned in a <xsl:copy-of/>

Once again I'm trying to get to grips with the potential of XSLT. I've come across a situation where <xsl:copy-of select=""/> will suffice. As seen below: <xsl:copy-of select="Instructors"/> However, the XML is as follows: <Instructors> <Lecturer> <First_Name>Jerry</First_Name> <Middle_Initial>R.</Middle_Initial> <Last_Name>Cain</Last_Name> </Lecturer> <Professor> <First_Nam

Xml How to define XSD to allow any element of integer sequence and with a specific value type

I have the following requirements and am trying to determine how best to model the XSD to represent these requirements. My Sample XML would like as below: <Langauge> <0>English</0> <1>Dutch</1> <2>French</2> .. .. </Language> The number of elements within Langauge tag would be varying but the element would always be in sequence. Any advice on how I can define the XSD for the above requirement?

Convert XML file to RDF/XML using XSLT

I am new to XSLT. I have an XML file and want to transform it to RDF/XML using XSLT. Actually I found a stylesheet of XSLT and where make link between it and XML file the result appear just " text " in browser instead of XML file. My question is: I want getting the transformation result in RDF/XML format , but unfortunately I get the result as plain text. the XMl file <xml> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="qu.xsl"?> <person> <name>Joe</name>

Xml How can I concatenate two sibling nodes in xslt?

My xml is like this <root> <level1> <value1>A</value1> <value2>B</value2> <value3>C</value3> </level1> <level1> <value1>D</value1> <value2>E</value2> <value3>F</value3> </level1> </root> I need a desired input as "A+D". How can i achieve this using XSLT version 2.0?

Xml XSL count number of specific element

So I'm trying to print slightly different text depending on how many <author> elements there are in a parent element. The code that is giving me trouble is the when xsl code <?xml version="1.0" standalone="no" ?> <?xml-stylesheet publisher="text/xsl" href="books3.xsl"?> <books> <book> <title type="fiction">HG</title> <author>Test</author> <publisher>Junk</publisher> <year>2001</year>

Xml Simplify XSD Schema using XQuery

We're building an XQuery tool to create documentation for XSD Schemas (specifically UBL 2.1 Schemas). In order to do that, we need to simplify schemas built with extensive use of element references and complex types, to be inline definitions. So an element like this: <xsd:element name="Order" type="OrderType"/> <xsd:complexType name="OrderType"> <xsd:sequence> ... <xsd:element ref="cbc:UBLVersionID" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"/> .

Xml Unable to add an attachment to a PDF while using FOP

I have an XSL document that transforms an XML document to a PDF. It had been working fine until I was asked to enhance this so that it is possible to add attachment to the PDF as well. I searched and found that the XSL must be edited in the following manner to achieve that. 1.The fo:root element should include xmlns:pdf="http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/extensions/pdf attribute. Following piece of lines should be added before fo:page-sequence element. < fo:declarations> <

Xml how does different variables pass through internet

Well, i bit confusion here regarding the conversions of variables passed through internet. As far as i know, all the values submitted from web browser are converted in bits(0 1) as they pass throught different OSI layes. And than these bits are transfered over the internet. Here my question is does the Bits get converted again to their respective variable types at the server end? Plus the vise versa should be happening too, right? I mean, when a value is sent from server and received at client

Xml passing parameters from a Visual Studio Item Template to the generated item

Im writing a Visual Studio Project Item Template and in this case I will only be using a xml file. My issue today is that i would like to pass the name of the file into the completed xml file. ie... when i name the filename for the template it creates the item file and adds it to my project as a xml file. But what i would like to happen is when it is creating the xml file it would pass the filename value into the xml file. To try to explain it better i have a Item Template now in which the t

Is there a wildcard for elements in XMLSchema validation?

My XML file consists of a general part, which I want to validate, and a special part, which is validated later (using a different xsd file which checks the general part again which is ok since it does not change). How can I tell XMLSchema to check only for the element GeneralPart and not for the element SpecialPart? Also, the name SpecialPart should be interchangible if possible. So I'd like to replace <xs:element name="SpecialPart" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"> with something like <xs:

How check vxml has error?

Consider this vxml any error in this how to check vxml have error. How to, I Solve it? what kind error include in this vxml some time go to <goto next={url}/> this step other code not working .what is the error in this code? how to mange time next step go to.. I am looking for suitable answer? Thanks.

Need help in update a CLOB field(xml type) in Oracle

I have a column with CLOB and it has a data of type XML: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <testRules version="1.0"> <rule id="1839" name="remit_amount.minimum.dollar_amount"> <value order="1" modifiedBy="admin" modifiedDate="04/10/2012 15:04:49">5.00</value> </rule> <rule id="1840" name="remit_amount.maximum.dollar_amount"> <value order="1" modifiedBy="admin" modifiedDate="04/10/2012 15:04:49">1000.00</value>

Spring MVC: Obfuscating password in xml configuration file

I want to obfuscate, protect or encrypt the BD password in my XML configuration file. Is there any way to do that? <beans:bean id="dataSource" class="org.apache.commons.dbcp2.BasicDataSource" destroy-method="close"> <beans:property name="driverClassName" value="org.postgresql.Driver" /> <beans:property name="url" value="jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/myApp" /> <beans:property name="username" value="postgres" /> <beans:property name="password" val

Validating XML with external DTD

Given below are my note.xml and Note.dtd files. I am validating a XML file with external DTD using XMLStarlet from Cygwin. When I give the command xml val --dtd Note.dtd note.xml I get cannot parse DTD file Can someone help me to rectify this? note.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE note SYSTEM "Note.dtd"> <note> <to>Tove</to> <from>Jani</from> <heading>Reminder</heading> <body>Don't forget me this weekend

How to get rid of attribute when it has no value, while transforming my XML using XSLT

I need to transform my XML using XSLT which should have id only if my RefID has value. My input XML is having some id formatting that need as specified: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <LearningStandards> <LearningStandardItem xml:lang="en" RefID="B27A44AF14"> <RefURI>L/K/2/d/</RefURI> <StatementCodes> <StatementCode>BB.DDD-K1.K2.L.1</StatementCode> </StatementCodes> <Statements>

Parse XML string with LINQ, create new object from xml

Given the following requirements and code, I have not yet found ONE answer that actually works. I have an XML field in a SQL Server Database table. Why is it in there? I have no idea. I didn't put it in there. I just have to get the data out and into a List that I can combine with another List to populate a grid in a WPF app that has an MVVM architecture. Here is that List: List QAItems = new List(); The QADailyXValueCalCheck type is as follows: using System.Xml.Serialization;

How to remove comment from XML using shell script

I would like to get port from server.xml that is tomcat server configuration file. my server.xml is below. How can I get port from server.xml without comment part I just want to get only 50000 without 8080. <Connector port="50000" maxHttpHeaderSize="8192" protocol="HTTP/1.1" maxThreads="2000" minSpareThreads="50" maxSpareThreads="150" /> <!-- <Connector executor="tomcatThreadPool" port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1" connectionTimeout="20000"

Xml Xslt to transform element to array element

My business requirement is to transform below input XML into transformed XML. Input XML is as below <root> <name>football</name> <pageTitle>League</pageTitle> <pageMetaDescription>Inter City League</pageMetaDescription> </root> Output Xml that is expected after the XSLT based transformation is <root> <Array> <name>name</name> <text>football</text> <format

Xml XPATH/XSL : Unable to retrieve node elements using node-set

I'm trying to join two tables together and output a single table. Table "Conventional Display" holds the value "BASICSA " which needs to match table "All Rates" that holds the data for the value. Below is my xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="ConvDispData.xsl"?> <Rates xmlns:msxsl="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xslt"> <TableList> <Table name="Conventional Display"> <Tbody> <Tr> &l

How can I save and read a special directory path in an XML with vb.net?

just a quick question: How can I save/read special path like My.Computer.FileSystem.SpecialDirectories.MyDocuments & "Folder\AnotherFolder" into an XML file? I managed to save the string as it is into the XML File in this format: My.Computer.FileSystem.SpecialDirectories.MyDocuments &amp; &#34;\Folder\AnotherFolder\&#34; &amp; And it reads perfectly back into my app, but I want to use it as a path inside my code and it won't work throwing me an Exception: New Exceptio

Applescript to assign an XML tag to all images in an InDesign document

I have a strange issue. My short applescript is kind of working. I want to tag all the rectangles (these are what Adobe's library calls image frames) with the XML tag "Image". set tagName to "Image" set imageList to {} tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2018" tell active document set x to make XML element of first XML element with properties {markup tag:tagName} set imageList to every rectangle //there are 4 rectangles repeat with i from 1 to number of items in imageList

How to transform xml data using datafactory pipeline

How do we save data inside of an XML payload to blob storage? input <root> <alexIsAwesome>yes he is</alexIsAwesome> <bytes>sdfsdfjijOIJOISJDFQPWORPJkjsdlfkjlksdf==</bytes> </root> desired result <root> <alexIsAwesome>yes he is</alexIsAwesome> <bytes>/blob/path/toSavedPayload</bytes> </root> save bytes somewhere in blob replace bytes with URI of where bytes were saved How do we use data factory to extract a

How to extract xml attributes with (g)awk

So I have this xml line example, which is being read from , <element attr1=”XX” attr2=”0818820\.x11” attr3=”YYXX.x11” attr-4=”1”/> As it is xml, the order of the elements are random and some may be optional. So with awk I tried to select one of them, say attr1 using gensub. while (getline < "./file") { print $0 #First attempt #print gensub(/.*attr1=\"(.*)\".*/,"\\1","g",$0) #Second attempt print gensub(/.*attr1="(.*)".*/,"\\1","g",$0) } However, I have not man

Unable to get default value in XML attribute after XSD transformation

I am using Database Version 19c ( I have created an XSD schema and have an XML and assume to add default value in XML after using transform. and tried in 2 ways but not getting my result as expected. Way I: declare l_xsd xmltype; l_xml xmltype; l_xmltrans xmltype; begin l_xsd := xmltype.createxml('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <xs:schema attributeFormDefault="unqualified" elementFormDefault="qualified

Xml Lost in namespace: How to access default namespace item in XSLT

Given this xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <h:html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2002/xforms" xmlns:h="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" > <h:head> <h:title>h:Title</h:title> <title>Default Title</title> </h:head> </h:html> how do I access Default Title in XSLT? I can easily get h:title <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <xsl:stylesheet

AWK get attribute value from XML element

Hello everyone I am trying to use AWK to extract the version= value from pkg-info from an XML file. I would like to just do something like: cat file_below.txt | awk some_commands using the data below <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <pkg-info overwrite-permissions="true" relocatable="false" identifier="com.application.something" version="1.2.3" format-version="2" generator-version="ABC" install-locati

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