Youtube api Why search by channel return no_videos_140.png inside media$thumbnail tag?

Direct access channel info by userid, , i can get from media$thumbnail tag However, Search by channel API query,, i get from media$thumb

Youtube api Youtube API ClientLogin password with special character

I got Error=Unkown when password has a dollar sign. I've already encode the "$" to "%24" say I have an account with: username: password: testpwd$ curl --location --data '' --header 'Content-Type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded' Can you advise me how to make it work.

Youtube api YouTube API V3 search, related videos sort order doesn't work

When searching for related videos using the YouTube API V3 the sort order doesn't seem to work? E.g.{YOUR_API_KEY} and{YOUR_API_KEY} both return the same result. Bug or am I missing something?

Youtube api youtube iframe api to show multiple videos

i have a partial view with razor engine looking something like this @model Tool.MVC.Areas.Widget.Models.VideoWidgetModel @{ var baseUrl = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["BaseUrl"]; var youTubeUrl=Model.ModalExitUrl; var videoId="video_widget_"+Model.UniqueVideoId; } <div class="@videoId"> <div id="@videoId"></div> <script type="text/javascript"src=" </script> <script type="text/javascript" src="@bas

Youtube api YouTube Live API Stream Status and Quality Callback

In the "Live Control Room" of a YouTube Live broadcast, I can see a "Stream Status" view which shows me details of the video being sent to YouTube's RTMP endpoint. I hit the liveStreams endpoint to get the "status" of the stream, but that only returns active, meaning that the video stream is being successfully sent to YouTube's RTMP endpoint, but no information about video data or quality. Is this information exposed somewhere in the API? Can I also see additional details about the video, such

Youtube api Get videos from youtube api v3 with 2 part username

EDIT I seem to be able to get videos from a username if the username is only word. But not from channels with double word usernames(eg. names with a space in between). Im trying to get videos through the v3 api of youtube. Ive done it before but this time i cannot get it to work. $.get( "", { part: 'contentDetails', forUsername: 'Gunnar+Base', id: 'UCI8vMgRRdio_jtoNbZ6dIlw',

Youtube api Find original content author from a re-posted video

Here's the same video, under two different channels: The second one is the original I believe. But if you query the api using the id 'gYh9DCN8ads', it seems like there's no information that points you to the original content creator, is there? All you can get is the channel, which is FlorianPurcarus, not Isaac Lamb.

Youtube api Google API causes huge page hangs in Electron

I'm building a desktop app in Electron, and I'm having a problem with the Google API. You can view my source code here. Essentially, the problem is that it is trying to load four images (file:// and the like, but they obviously do not exist. My theory on why this is happening is that it is using relative urls that assume the page is loaded at Http://..., which it is not. How can I resolve this? It's not really something that I can

Youtube api Update Asset Channel ID of a YouTube Asset

We got many assets where ChannelID and AssetChannelID fields are blank. Mostly due to a history of us creating reference files for Content ID for copyright purposes. How can I and assign the reference file/asset to a channel? I think I've seen myself blind on the API documentation. Thanks in advance.

Youtube api youtube api asks me to access api to my account every one

I used youtube API to upload videos from my website to my youtube account. YouTube API asks every time to access API to my account. Is there any way to ask just one time, and save the account data, and don't ask again for next uploads, please help me this is my code : $client = new \Google_Client(); $OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID = 'xxxxxxxxx'; $OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET = 'xxxxxxxx'; $client->setClientId($OAUTH2_CLIENT_ID); $client->setClientSecret($OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET); $client->setAuthConfig('xx

Youtube api Youtube Data API reduced to Zero Queries per day (Audit / Form)

i have a project on Google Cloud Platform, using the Youtube Data V3 API. Everything was going well, earlier this month after receiving several emails alerting that I had to do an Audit, the queries for the day stopped completely. they were completely zeroed. I followed the link to perform the Audit, and i successfully completed all the changes that were told to me in my application, strictly following the regulations. The audit went well. No further changes were required from me. But the issue

Youtube api Videos are marked as private

We have a CMS system and users can upload their videos directly to their YouTube channel via YouTube API. The consent screen of the YouTube API app has been reviewed and released by YouTube, but the uploaded videos are still automatically blocked. Is there a way to find out why?

Youtube api How to get High quality RTSP Streaming URL using gData API

Recently I have tried to get high quality RTSP Streamng using gData API I have got only one clue from google, Here it says I can get the video url only for low resolution (176x144), Is there any way of archiving the url for high quality video?

Youtube api Media pauses because of slow buffering, and then never recovers from it. How to handle this situation?

I think we all run into this as a user as well. For example, when I'm playing a Youtube video, and the connection is slow, it will not play until enough content has been buffered. But sometimes even after the content arrived it won't resume playing. Most of the times when this happens I just click once somewhere on the player bar and it will resume. Now, I think I've run into this situation while programming with HTML5 Audio elements and Youtube APIs. Most of the times they work well, but when

Youtube api Scraping XML off a specific YouTube Movie Page (YouTube API)

Is it possible to scrape this page? I've been using this URL to call the YouTube API: The problem is that it seems to be calling from this page instead: How can I call from the main movie page instead of that trailer page? Any help would be awesome.

Youtube api What is the proper way to request insightTrafficSourceDetail in youtube's analytics API?

I can see from the docs that insightTrafficSourceDetail is only available for certain combinations of dimensions/filters/number of results, however I can't seem to get a legit query going. For example: metrics=views&dimensions=insightTrafficSourceDetail&filter=insightTrafficSourceType==GOOGLE_SEARCH&max-results=1 That seems like it should work to me based on the docs, but I get this: {"errors":[{"domain":"global","reason":"badRequest","message":"The query is not supporte

Youtube api Hide the title when playback of the video ends

JSFiddle. All controls, including the title, are hidden before and during playback, but when the video ends, the title appears, ignoring the showinfo setting. Is this the intended behavior? Not worth asking another question. Is it possible to hide the YouTube watermark with this setup?

Youtube api unlinked account error on youtube api

I try and call this endpoint with an access token from auth2:{mytoken}&alt=json and when I use it for a user with a channel on youtube it works fine. though, when I try to use it for an "unlinked account" user (no channel on youtube yet) it returns me this html response <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>User authentication required.</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#000000"> <H1&

Youtube api YouTube Upload Widget redirect after onProcessingComplete

Basically i wanna do a redirect to other page (e.g. within onProcessingComplete of Youtube Upload Widget ( Here my code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <!-- 1. The 'widget' div element will contain the upload widget. The 'player' div element will contain the player IFrame. --> <div id="widget"></div> <div id="player"></div> <s

Youtube api Youtube Analytics API pagination

I am using the YouTube Analytics API (v1-rev18-1.15.0-rc). I tried to get some channel reports using video dimension. According to the API document, it has a limit of maxResults <= 10. I set the startIndex and maxResults as belwo, but the second query returns nothing for the following code. First page returns 10 rows. query.setMaxResults(10); query.setStartIndex(1); Using the same query object, the second page returns nothing (resultTable.Rows is null) query.setStartIndex(11); result =

Youtube api Tracking subs referral

Is it possible using the current APIs to track where one's subscribers are subscribing from? For example perhaps I want to see how many subscribers an annotation on a certain video (that any user uploaded) generated for my channel.

Youtube api Get channelId, it always returns "UC"

(I wrote "Hello", but it gets removed.) I'm using the youtube api from an android application. I was getting the channelId from a "channel" search by looking at id.channelid. Now it seems to have been changed to snippet.channelid. But the field value is always "UC". ??? The code: YouTube.Search.List search ="id,snippet"); search.setKey("my key"); search.setQ("whatever channel name"); search.setType("channel"); search.setFields("items(snippet(channelId))"); search.setM

Youtube api How do I filter videos from YouTube Data API v3 that are restricted from mobile playback without filtering out Vevo too?

I'm creating an Android app using the YouTube Data API v3. So far so good until I realized that a great many videos do not play. I get "Content from holder is blocked in your country on copyright grounds".... I googled and it seems the way to deal with this is to use the version 3 YouTube.Search.List object and to set: search.setVideoSyndicated("true"); Unfortunately this is far too restrictive. All Vevo videos and who knows what else disappear from the results even though those played fine

Youtube api Youtube API v3 Return Lat/Lng

I can search lat/long with YouTube v3 successfully,,id&maxResults=50&type=video& videoType=any&key=foobar&location=40.7127,74.0059&locationRadius=100km However, the response doesnt give me the individual videos lat/lng in the results. The API doc says: The part parameter specifies a comma-separated list of one or more search resource properties that the API response will include. Set the parameter valu

Youtube api Youtube API v3 Information about access_token

I have some questions about the access_token usage on server-side web apps. How should I keep the access_token valid? Is it possible to check it before making a request, or should I just try to make a request and renew it if error? Or maybe set up a cronjob that renews all the access_tokens? The expires_in field, is it seconds? Can an access_token expire before this value?

Youtube api YouTube data API list video by ID

I am using the youtube api-samples java code to list video by ID. I used the file but it gives more than 1 result which includes the correct one. Also it does not apply the video ID (when I printed it gives the video ID as 0) and so I gave the video ID for the search term as well. Below is the screenshot of the inputs and output. What I am trying to achieve is getting exact one result for the given video ID like how it works on the YouTube Data API code snippet. Am I running the

Youtube api Can I disable YouTube live chat by API?

I want create new live streams from my application, but I don't want to use live chat. I don't found the possibility how can I turn it off during creation new event. I tried to pass an empty string or null to snippet.liveChatId, but without success. Can I turn off chat through API?

Youtube api Youtube API Subscription.ContentDetails.NewItemCount returning zero if querying myself but return different value from Google API Explorer

When using the youtube API to get the list of my subscriptions and all the related details I get a number of information from the snippet and contentDetails part of the response object. When I call the service from my script the contentDetails.newItemCount always return zero, this should indicate the number of new videos on the channel since last time I've opened the channel. The contentDetails.totalItemCount (total number of videos for the channel) is accurate instead. In contrast if I run t

Youtube api Is there a way to get historical youtube subscriber information?

Currently I am retrieving daily subscriber information with the following request: var videoOptions = { 'part': 'snippet,contentDetails,statistics', 'id': videoIds }; // Send request youtube.videos.list(videoOptions, (err, videoDetails) => {}); My question is there a way to get historical subscriber information either through the Data API or Analytics API? I see there is a way to see subs gained or lost over a period of time but I don't know what the base is

Youtube api Sort by shares in YouTube Analytics API v2

I am using Youtube Analytics API to get the video that has most of the shares among all. Here is the query I am using: youtube.reports.query({ auth: oAuth, endDate: todayDateString, startDate: startDateString, ids: 'channel==MINE', metrics: 'shares', dimensions: 'video', sort: '-shares', maxResults: 1 } but it gives me an error that "Query not supported"

Youtube api Progress bar for Upload browser Base

I'm looking for a way to show the progress of the upload to the user because it's very long. I try to use ajax for post the file but that doesn't work. The file seems uploaded but in fact i never see the video on my youtube channel and i have nothing in the complete callback. I see lot of topics talk about this, but they are very old (2009/2010) so i hoped that one of you had found a solution. Also i can't use the experimental api v3 because my app is for a big brand who need something very s

Youtube api Youtube Data API-debugging authentication errors

Getting authentication errors when I try and obtain my upload authorization token Using a packet sniffer, my first error message is> 401 Token invalid - Invalid token: Cannot parse AuthSub token: In addition to perhaps improperly formatted Auth key value, I'm wondering exactly what headers I should be including for my upload auth request. I am using the following though think clientId has been deprecated "

Youtube api YouTube Analytics - Quota impact of additional metrics and dimensions

The Youtube Analytics API Doc outlines how the cost per API query goes up as the number of metrics and dimensions in the query increases, but it's rather vague (e.g. normal, high, very high). Has anyone know what the hard numbers are that are implied by these guidelines? YouTube Analytics API Doc on Quota Costs I've been trying to determine this through my own testing, but if anyone can provide some actual numbers, or has found detailed doc on the subject, it would be a big help. Thanks, Kris

Youtube api How to embed a live stream using the Youtube API on tvOS

I need the ability to embed a Youtube live stream into a tvOS app. Due to the lack of an UIWebView, this was not possible with all previous tvOS. I hoped, that this feature will be included in the current tvOS 10 or Swift 3 release but it seems to me, that it is still missing. Nevertheless, does anybody know a trick / something that I missed out during my journey through the API documentation? I'm not allowed to use Youtube parsers like pod 'youtube-parser', etc. I have to be in full complianc

Youtube api Why is the Youtube API not displaying results for video IDs?

I'm new to basically all forms of programming, so forgive me if there's an obvious answer, but I was just trying to make a random video chooser by randomly adding characters to the Youtube API's search function under list, but when I run the API with either just id or id and snippet on, it shows this: { "kind": "youtube#searchListResponse", "etag": "\"i don't know if I can post my etag"", "regionCode": "CA", "pageInfo": { "totalResults": 1, "resultsPerPage":

Youtube api YouTube API Quota is taking over 3 weeks, is this normal?

I have requested a quota increase on the YouTube Data API. I am getting the impression I’m being given the run around or no one inside of Google actually works on this. I requested a quota increase over 3 weeks ago, and every time I email them, I get a very generic: We understand your concern about the Quota. As informed earlier your request is being reviewed by our Quality Compliance Team. Their review takes longer time and hence is causing the delay. Any update that we receive from them will

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